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Jerry Elmer is a Senior Attorney for the Conservation Law Foundation.

2 responses to “ISO Forward Capacity Auction results (again) show Invenergy plant not needed”

  1. Fred

    The facts are the facts. Thank you Mr. Elmer.

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  2. Sergio526

    I REALLY want to know how much money Gina, personally, makes off the Invenergy-Raimondo plant going in. It’s the only reason left for pushing the plant as hard as she’s been pushing it.

    Oh and, hey, Mayor Polisena. It’s kind of hard for Invenergy to pay you for that water if they aren’t making any money off their power, don’t you think? And you can’t say “well, we’ll just stop giving them water if they don’t pay.” Have you seen how many laws they’ve gotten RI to look the other way on up to this point? Do you really think they won’t be able to get an injunction that requires water delivery without payment? You’re going to end up hurting the citizens of Johnston, Burrillville, and, really, all of Rhode Island on a long-shot for short money.

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