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Steve Rackett held elected office as a Green Party representative on a district council in Watford, England (just north of London). He won 3 terms in office as well as winning a term on Hertfordshire County Council. He chaired various council committees and eventually became the first Green Party member to become Chairman of the council.

He has worked for various non-profits throughout his career and has a strong interest in politics in Rhode Island.

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2 responses to “Democrat Dawn Euer shops local while Republican Mike Smith spends out of state”

  1. Randall Rose

    Why praise a candidate for hiring local campaign consultants? The local ones aren’t any cleaner.

    I’ve met and worked with a number of political campaign consultants. The ones I’ve met clearly have values they believe in. And I certainly like a number of them, who may be better than more typical campaign people who I haven’t met. But that doesn’t change the fact that being a political campaign consultant isn’t one of the more principled professions out there. At best, it involves using sometimes-dubious means toward a hopefully good end. At worst, it’s a bunch of deceptive, ugly tricks to make bad look good, make good look bad, persuade people to vote against their own values and interests, and give the insiders more ways to take advantage of the rest of us. I don’t have enough familiarity with the whole range of Rhode Island political consultants to know for sure if they’re better or worse than consultants from other states. But my hunch, off the top of my head, is that the average political consultant in our state is about the same as the average consultant elsewhere. I guess it’s odd that I know and like a number of consultants, and see them as decent people even though their profession has problems. But humans are always a mix of good and bad.

    I like Dawn Euer too, and I hope she wins. But my reason for supporting her isn’t at all because her campaign spending is local. It’s because of her values and what she’s done. I’m glad RI Future has been covering that too.

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