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One response to “Exeter recall election: a coup by process”

  1. HenryBowman

    The entire reason behind the recall was brought on by the fact these councilors took it upon themselves (when no one called for the amendment of RI law) to pursue the resolutions that used the “voice” of the Town of Exeter to propose an amendment to RI Law 11-47-11 which obligates every town and municipality in the state to “shall” issue a carry permit for those citizens WHO RESIDE OR HAVE A BUSINESS IN THEIR TOWN who can pass the required background check, thereby abdicating their responsibility under state law which they swore to uphold. 
    For those who do not understand the difference between RIGL 11-47-11 which is a “shall” issue statute which applies to all cities and towns and RIGL 11-47-18 which is a “May” issue statute which applies to the RI Attorney General Office, I’ll explain.. 
    Under the “shall issue” statute of 11-47-11, applied to all cities & towns in RI, a person who meets the requirements set by state law “shall” have their rights upheld and a permit issued regardless of the political beliefs of the issuing authority.
    Under the “may issue” statute of 11-47-18 applied to the attorney generals office, the issuance of a permit is arbitrarily applied by the AG, in this case Richard Kilmartin who, regardless of your constitutional right and state law, believes that no one should possess a firearm. Unless of course that you’re one of his cronies or have contributed heavily to his election campaign. So a permit request made through the department of the RI Attorney General is tantamount to an automatic denial of your rights.
    This places the burden unfairly on the law-abiding citizen who may truly have legitimate reasons for self-protection, who now has to hire a lawyer to appeal the denial of a civil right granted under the United States Constitution, the Bill of Rights and RI law 11-47-11 
    Once you understand this distinction between the “shall” issue verses “may” issue statutes and all of the implications thereof, the only conclusion you will have is that the councilors involved in the recall clearly knew this distinction and deliberately moved to deny Exeter citizens of that civil right ~ again, a right accorded to all Rhode Islanders under the United States Constitution, the Bill of Rights and RI law 11-47-11.
    Under 11-47-11 the obligation Exeter has as a town without a police department is in no way different than any other municipality in RI, since the clerk is not liable to make the call of issue or not issue. This responsibility and full obligation belongs to the Federal government. Under the FBI background check provisions which the town clerk and the town sergeant have full access to, their only responsibility lies with providing the paper work and logistics of working with the applicant. So the assertions of the four Councilors under recall that they are not qualified is simply a smoke screen and has no basis in fact or relevance. Clearly their statements are designed to mislead their constituents and cover their political agenda, or made from pure ignorance of the law, both conditions which make them unsuitable for office. 
    Now couple that with the fact that it was not the Councilor’s duty in the first place under the Exeter Town Charter to pursue this course of action, yet they pushed this agenda through anyway despite the overwhelming objections of a significant number of citizens and it becomes abundantly clear that this is a gross overreach of power and an injustice to the citizens of Exeter.
    The Councilors’ behavior of suppressing the citizens’ voice in pushing through what can only be characterized as a personal political agenda rooted in a personal bias against law-abiding gun owners and current Rhode Island gun laws, is central to the dispute.
    This is the reason for the recall and those who are part of this effort have made enormous personal sacrifices to ensure that honest representative government is restored to the town of Exeter on December 14th.

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