Bob Plain is the editor/publisher of Rhode Island's Future. Previously, he's worked as a reporter for several different news organizations both in Rhode Island and across the country.

4 responses to “Expansion approved for Achievement First charter school”

  1. cailin rua

    Really heard a lot from the folks so worried about what Trump is going to do, the gun lobby, the transportation lobby and the environmental lobby over the hijacking of the public school system, haven’t we?

    Now the people of Providence are required to pay a 10% tithe to a private corporate education machine on top of all the assistance given to private schools already, including the wealthiest. How soon before they glom onto the whole school budget?

    All the hot social topics that won’t cut into the wealth of anyone who is able to bank roll the above mentioned social movements is the focus here, I suppose. Actually, Tax Increment Funding, along w/ other tax giveaway schemes and infrastructure privatization seem very compatible with school privatization which also seems very compatible with the aims of the largest funders of these various movements. There is an awful problem with gun violence in Rumstick Point and on Jamestown, not to mention Tiverton, Little Compton, northern Aquidneck Island, Warwick Neck, Potowamut, Saunderstown, Poppasquash Point and the South Coast. Those are the places where the people live who really care, I guess.

    The lower classes are obviously not paying enough. It’s time to put a toll on everything, increase user fees, privatize our water supply, privatize our roads and schools and of course, eliminate the estate tax so Alan Hassenfeld can come back and manipulate more elections.

    And the goddamn union leaders are ignorant of the impact of the phenomenon of intersectionality. School teacher unions are fairly conservative and totally self absorbed, as are most. We’re going to hell in a hand basket but at least we may finally get a bill allowing police chiefs to determine whose civil rights should be violated and whose shouldn’t. That’s progress, I guess . . . to some.

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  2. Johnnie

    A few years ago I was talking with someone from the RI Progressive Democrats, a genuinely good person and honest force— not a self-promoter with personal ambitions or ulterior motives. I explained to her how the elites were reducing us to serfs. She smiled at me as if to say, without a hint of condescension: Let’s not get carried away and see things that are not there. At that point in time conditions had not sharpened up enough for her to see where things were going and make the connection with what was going on all around her.
    The woman I am speaking about is not cailun rua, but cailun rua is beginning to get it.

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  3. Johnnie

    What would have happened if the NEARI had mobilized 1000 teachers to attend the meeting, to fight for the public schools? Why didn’t they?
    Why do congressional Democrats continue to conciliate with the Republicans? Why didn’t they mobilize their social base as the conservative Democrats and Republicans were shredding The New Deal?
    Why are union leaders continually selling out the rank and file?
    Are they spineless or ignorant? Not on your life.

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    1. cailin rua

      I’ve been ranting about the same things pretty much since before Bob Plain took over this site. Do you remember the Democrats for Education Reform’s Funky 15 list for 2010, which included Gina Raimondo, Frank Caprio, and Angel Taveras? I think there was one more local on that list along with Corey Booker and all the rest.

      The handwriting has been on the wall for a long time. The school teachers’ union tries to compartmentalize everything as if infrastructure outsourcing and privatization aren’t promoted by the same financial interests. The handwriting became obvious when Gina Raimondo appointed O’Malley administrative operative, Stephen Neuman here chief of staff. Wexford is from Baltimore. Neuman had come to Maryland from St. Louis, where Wexford set up another one of their operations.

      If you want to know what’s going to happen next with all these eds and meds, or baseball stadiums, hotels, etc deals follow what’s been going on in Baltimore.

      This woman, Cindy Walsh, below, has been marginalized by the neoliberal echo chamber but she understands very well how neoliberal human shield politics works – choose issues which are unassailable, establish networks to make it seem like you are working for social justice and then grab the cash flow. When people complain, accuse them of racism or misogyny or one of the phobias. It’s called gaslighting, isn’t it?

      Anyway, I’m going to pull one of Cindy’e rants from her Facebook page and link to the article which seems to exist in contradiction to what she has to say. This is how the distortion machine works:

      “Cindy Walsh
      4 hrs ·
      The Baltimore Sun

      EMERGE MARYLAND IS A CLINTON/O’MALLEY GLOBAL 1% WALL STREET GLOBAL CORPORATE NEO-LIBERAL OUTLET. Emerge Maryland’s State Organization of Women tied to National Organization of Women ALWAYS PUSHES THE CLINTON NEO-LIBERAL CANDIDATES IN MARYLAND….no left Democrats coming from these organizations as a Ferguson and Lierman will tell you!

      I would like to show my FB friends around the nation how global Wall Street has kept and captured our election process. Maryland’s Democratic committee and Baltimore Democratic committee are still controlled by a raging Wall Street player—-O’MALLEY political machine and of course by all our Maryland far-right neo-liberal Congressional pols. All candidates who enter our Democratic primaries are trained by groups like EMERGE—-or Wall Street Baltimore Development ‘labor and justice’ organizations that ONLY TEACH POLICY TIED TO MOVING FORWARD ONE WORLD ONE GOVERNANCE US CITIES AS FOREIGN ECONOMIC ZONES.

      This lady is no doubt a nice person but I see her as ready to join the MOVING FORWARD CROWD in our Baltimore City Hall and Maryland Assembly. All Baltimore pols are far-right global Wall Street tied to CLINTON/BUSH/OBAMA.

      If WE THE PEOPLE do not break free from these NGOs that train our future politicians and give candidates the voice of REAL LEFT SOCIAL DEMOCRACY—we will not reverse these MOVING FORWARD EXTREME WEALTH EXTREME CORPORATE POWER policies.
      ‘State Sen. Bill Ferguson and state Dels. Luke Clippinger and Brooke Lierman endorsed Lewis earlier this month’.”

      And here is the link to the Baltimore Sun article she’s responding to:

      She’s not a Trump thumper, quite the opposite.

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