Bob Plain is the editor/publisher of Rhode Island's Future. Previously, he's worked as a reporter for several different news organizations both in Rhode Island and across the country.

2 responses to “Feds drop charges against URI prof, FERC4, for climate defense civil disobedience”

  1. Greg Gerritt

    FERC sholud be tried for treason and crimes against humanity and planet

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  2. salgal

    Bountiful respect and appreciation for the FERC4. Without those willing to stand and speak loudly with their actions for environmental protections and stewardship, we and beautiful Earth are screwed. Simply screwed.

    As for FERC, we can identify them as the most blatant example of the power of the fossil fuel cartel on the bloodless bureaucratic plodding of the US government. They’ve been allowed to run rogue for so long, dropping these (and other) charges, is an attempt to have us think our work is done and that somehow they have been rehabilitated. We didn’t just fall off the turnip truck. We’re still watching you, FERC.

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