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10 responses to “Full Text of Gov. Linc Chafee’s DNC Speech”

  1. leftyrite

    Environmental protection? Great.

    Perhaps Governor Chafee has already weighed in on the Pond View waste transfer site in East Providence. Perhaps not.

    Governor, this issue has been in and out of the news for years now.

    What are you doing for the neighbors who abut this plant and who have to live with environmental degradation?

    We hear more from you in Charlotte than we do in East Providence. 

  2. PinkHatLib

    “There, we shared a mutual desire to end the prevailing attitude of arrogance and recklessness on matters of war and peace that characterized those years.”

    Are you sure he’s talking about Obama? Seems like everyday I see another story like this… “Yemen probes civilian deaths in apparent US drone strike”. What else would one call the remote control aerial murder of civilians other than “arrogant and reckless?” I know what we would have called it had President Bush order it… “war crime”.

  3. Barry

    Its bad enough the right-wing crazies dominate the projo comment pages (often calling the Governor a “bozo” or “idiot”) but just for once, can’t we recognize a really good speech and say we are proud of our Independent Governor?  Of course we can all find some points of disagreement with just about anyone, but I believe Chafee mad excellent points that needed to be made.

    1. PinkHatLib

      fwiw, I didn’t intend to criticize the Governor, but the President deserves to be criticized from the left for his militaristic foreign policy.

      1. DogDiesel

        I think it was taken the way you meant it.

  4. DogDiesel

    I’ve grown tired of the conservative facade. Except for signing pension reform, he has done nothing conservative since taking office and supported a liberal agenda. I have no problem with him that but to keep calling himself a conservative is a joke. That whole speech was designed to make all Republicans look like right wing whack jobs and suck up to Democrats. I don’t care if he calls himself an independent or Democrat, just drop the conservative facade and then maybe he’ll have some credibility. Then again, maybe not.

    1. PinkHatLib

      I thought that was his most persuasive point, that Obama is a center-right politician. People called me a cynic for pointing that out during the progressive hype of 2008. I think only the talk-radio right pretends that’s not the case now.

      1. DogDiesel

        I wouldn’t call Obama a progressive but I wouldn’t call him center right either. I think he was just being a coward when extended the Bush tax cuts. Here’s one conservative that would have liked them to expire. My point was Chafee seems to be using his former status as some kind badge of honor amongst liberals when you won’t find anything conservative about him going back to his Senate days.
        Sorry Barry but as for his speech, you were probably better off listening to it on a radio because watching it was like literally watching a ventriloquist dummy. It wasn’t what he said. It was the facial expressions when he said it. By the way, I don’t think there are millions of independents out there, as he said, like him.

        1. PinkHatLib

          Maybe not center-right in the parlance of U.S. politics which is all center to right. Certainly by European standards he’s center-right. A picture is worth a thousands words…

          Political Compass:  US Presidential Election 2012

          1. Sully

            Very true. US poolitics is more about us v. them, red v. blue, than any coherent political theory. Heathcare is a prime example. if Mitt Romney would have won the nomination and election in 2008, my bet is that he would have put forth a heathcare reform plan similar to Obama’s (since that was based on his own plan in Massachusetts). The same repulicans calling for its repeal would hve been supporting it, and the same democrats trumpeting now would have been criticizing it as a handout to insurance companies.


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