Bob Plain is the editor/publisher of Rhode Island's Future. Previously, he's worked as a reporter for several different news organizations both in Rhode Island and across the country.

6 responses to “Gay Catholics in Woonsocket denied communion”

  1. Steve Ahlquist

    Is this really a surprising development given the Providence Diocese’ active and vocal lobbying efforts against marriage equality? 

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  2. joetoppi

    As a member of St.Philip’s parish, (Fr. Sistare’s former parish) I always found his homilies on topic. He took time to talk about issues of the day BUT never mentioned specific politicians – more how we as Catholics should be strong in our following Jesus, no matter what the worldly pressures present. It is amazing how people accept rules for different organizations, but they don’t like rules in the Catholic Church, even though these rules are Divine and set forth by Jesus Himself. 

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  3. leftyrite

    Is it too early to use the term fascism yet?
    I know that it’s not exactly accurate, but it seems closer to our everyday reality than mere corporatism, which hasn’t caught on at all and which is a much less accurate term, anyway.
    Fascism, at least in part, is the melding of the exponents of corporatism with the most backward and unethical elements of the regular folk.
    Excuses are always made for them, but some people just love to be bigoted. They ease their pain  by gladly inflicting it upon others. Forget evenhanded justice. They don’t wanna know nothin’.
    And then they go to church and look at Jesus hanging on the cross for awhile.
    And commune, but only with their own. (I’m not talking about the faithful here. I’m writing about the cliques.)
    What we are hearing is a familiar song when times get tough. Consensus in all its forms is seen as weakness, so we won’t welcome certain people into Christ’s consensus, called, aptly enough, communion.
    Is Father Sistare that far away from Father Coughlin, the fascist radio preacher of the ’30’s?
    In other reading, this time in the context of a Wall Street blog, I saw a paragraph or two about the trouble in which Woonsocket finds itself. 
    It’s a good time to seek out scapegoats, starting with those who have, until very recently, been forced to live on the margins.
    You’d think that the Catholic church would extend a hand of friendship to the marginalized, as Jesus did to Magdalene and to so many others.
    As so many of the truly faithful in Catholic congregations all over the state do even today, in friendship with and support of those who are gay. 
    I guess not.
    Father Sistare, whose thoughts can be found on Twitter, felt empowered to deny those men communion.
    Tell me. Was Francisco Franco ever denied communion in Spain? How about Salazar in Portugal? Mussolini in Italy?
    Were they ever denied communion, even after they had murdered so many of their finest young intellectuals of the Left, as well as so many others of whom they disapproved?
    What do you think? Don’t shrug your shoulders. THINK.

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  4. diane

     I don’t understand why people are criticizing a Priest who is following the rules of the Catholic Church.  Would they critisize another who does their job correctly?   Being an active member of the Church, Pryeor must  have been aware of Its stance on the issue.   Why would a man reveal to a Priest that he is married to another man when it is clearly against Its teaching?  Especially when the Church’s defeat on the issue is still so raw.  What did Pryeor expect him to do?   Would he go to a police officer and announce that he just broke the law  – yet expect to be void of consequence?

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  5. coquetlane

    So let me get this straight, for years these guys have had no issue attending and giving their time and money to a church that viewed them and their relationship as inherently disordered (even if particular priests turned a blind eye to it), not to mention a church that has had no problem with protecting child predators and hiding money that should be given to the victims.  But now that a priest actually follows the teaching of his church they are huffy and offended because they can’t eat a cracker and go light a candle?
    Meanwhile, the host of the next Olympics has enacted sweeping anti-gay legislation and closer to home there have been a rash of anti-gay hate crimes in New York City. I think you’ll be find extremely little sympathy for your “plight” misters, either from the gay or the Catholic communities. 

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  6. Sam_Handwich

    There is nothing more unnatural than celibacy
    Leave the Medieval freakshow behind and find an intelligent religion

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