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7 responses to “George McGovern: POTUS Candidate, Progressive”

  1. Pat Crowley

    Too bad McGovern sold out to anti union forces in his later years opposing the Employee Free Choice Act

  2. Samuel G. Howard

    Too bad the AFL-CIO under George Meany actively hampered his presidential run and helped create the divide between labor and other liberals.

  3. Samuel G. Howard

    We can all do better is the takeaway there.

  4. Pat Crowley

    No every claimed Meany was a progressive except Travis Rowley. 

    1. Samuel G. Howard

      Fair enough!

  5. cailin rua

    Unfortunately, in the late sixties and early seventies, the unions supported those who would usher in their demise.  I remember.  George McGovern was the first presidential candidate I voted for. 

    “ In May 1970 New York construction workers[from the Steelworkers' Union] attacked antiwar protesters during a demonstration, and a new political symbol was born. The hard hat came to symbolize working-class resentment of the antiwar movement. Nominally Democratic voters, the hard hats formed a new base of political support for Nixon and steeled his resolve to end the Vietnam War on his terms”

    And today, even, the Carpenter’s and Joiner’s Union is one of Paul Ryan’s biggest supporters.

    I can’t finish the WSJ article Patrick Crowley linked to because I am not subscribed to any of Ruppert Murdoch’s  newspapers or the Projo but it seems like this could be a lively topic for discussion.

  6. leftyrite

    cailin rua:                

    Paul Ryan:  Does he, or does he not, look like Joey Munster?  That’s all I want to know.

    America has a unique opportunity to usher in the rule of both a raccoon and a heart-throb who looks like Joey Munster.

    And the Carpenters?  And the Joiners?  They’re rollin’ with it.

    So, let them roll and forbid them from the roles. 

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