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5 responses to “Gist, education reform blasted at BoE meeting”

  1. amsoconcerned

    I think that a crucial factor left out of much of the discussion about ed “reform” is the obscene level of child poverty in the United States of America. When people in Finland put their heads together to figure out how to improve their education system, one of the most important goals they had was to reduce childhood poverty. I think their level is about 4% compared to over 20% here, and much higher in the urban districts. If public schools had the money lavished on them for wraparound services that some charter schools have, we would not be debating about these ill-considered reforms, because many of the problems would take care of themselves. Over-the-top standardized testing to rate students, teachers, principals, and schools is an ill-considered and counter-productive strategy. The only ones who benefit are the large companies that create the tests and the insipid test prep, and collect and (store) and analyze the reams of data, data that is pretty much meaningless in the first place.

    1. DogDiesel

      When you make the selection process and education requirements to become a teacher as tough in this country as it is in Finland then maybe you’ll see improvement in public education. As long as the NEA is in charge, you can pretty kiss improvements goodbye.

  2. amsoconcerned

    Just wondering why my comment from May 25 is still awaiting moderation.

  3. amsoconcerned

    Not a problem. Thanks

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