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6 responses to “WaPost: Gist controversial on national level too”

  1. cailin rua

    The Bush family is at the root of a lot of the problems we face in this country.  Until they are rendered irrelevant and impotent, these kinds of problems will not go away.  While Jeb cannot be easily implicated in the war crimes committed by his brother and father, he is an integral part of the loop big George encompasses.  Of course, one can never be “in” the loop when one is “the loop”.  

    Harsh word are in order for trust funders who support the kind of rip offs the corporate greed heads aspire to accomplish, shame on Chafee.  Mancuso?  Didn’t she work in the A G’s office.  How could anyone trust a person with such a background?  Apparently, the aspirations of all involved, including all the mayors of this state, Democrat and Republican, entail making our education system descend to where the criminal justice system is now – students as commodities, many of whom will be groomed to be future commodities at our penal institutions which our corrupt politicians, no doubt, will privatize along with the school system, probably in partnership.  Shame, shame, shameful greed heads are running the show on this rock.  Get rid of them ALL!

    1. Johnnie

      cailin rua: The root of the problem is a system and a society that is organized for and serves the interests of the 1%. All the structures and institutions of power and repression serve the oligarchs. The state, the judiciary, police, prisons and schools are all instruments and means by which they exercise and enforce their dictatorship of one class over another. 
      We have people who want and need to work, but can’t. Why? Because some capitalist cannot profitably exploit their labor. There are workers who produce things people need yet they are layed-off. Why? Because what they produce some capitalist can not sell at a profit. 
      What is wrong with our schools is what is wrong with the rest of society, it wasn’t designed for us or to serve us. It is designed to serve the class that holds state power and has a monopoly on the use of force. Our schools are as joyless, soulless and oppressive as the rest of American society. Why wouldn’t they be?
      Chis Hedges is a former reporter for the NY Times who has this to say

      1. cailin rua

        I think the problem is a little more subtle than what the 1% is able to finagle and impose.  They have enablers.  100% – 47% = 53%.  There are enough satisfied with the status quo or, who, at least, don’t want to jeopardize a system that allows them tax deferments on their college funds while their investment portfolios continue to grow.  In most elections all that is required to win is a plurality.  Keep enough satisfied while having sufficient faith in the fact that you can fool some of the people all of the time, all of the people some of the time and if you have enough money behind you, you can make all work for you and your small circle of friends.


  2. Johnnie

    Randi Weingarten: asked for a moratorium to make sure everyone is ready. Given that teachers are being evaluated on the student test scores, it seems only fair to give them enough time to actually learn the standards, develop lessons around the standards, and give students time to absorb them.”
    Weingarten doesn’t know this is setting up teachers to fail, evaluating teachers based upon test scores? 
    They de-industrialize hugh swarths of this country, particularly the inner cities, out-sourcing jobs and wreaking all kinds of emotional and physical havoc, and then this same criminal class wants to evaluate teachers and hold them responsible for test scores and a curriculum they had no hand in shaping.
    And Weingarten’s plea is for more time?

  3. leftyrite

    Teachers are like gazelles being stalked by a lion pride.
    They think that a nice meal of coldcuts is going to satisfy them.

  4. joann fonseca

    Johnnie, you are on target.. You just forgot to mention the fact that the gang of eight’s immigration bill will not help keep our native born people with jobs when Silicon valley as one example,  is spearheading hiring illegal foreigners instead of  hiring Amercian born for their tech jobs..and if they claim we don;t have such trained people, then we need to train our own.

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