I am the Rhode Island State Coordinator for the Progressive Democrats of America. My primary interest is Rhode Island's economy and what we can do to fix it.

One response to “GOP Rep: House Majority Leader Mattiello is ‘on our side’”

  1. Polly Tickes

    I’ve said for years that Majority leader Mattiello is a DINO-a democrat in attorney’s clothing & name only! What true democrat votes against unions, binding arbitration, social programs and the pension. His own district consists of many union and pension retirees and he still voted against them even though he said he would make sure they would not get hurt financially-especially those older people on fixed income. He is untrustworthy. He is part of the leadership in the House that voted for 38 Studios…He is pro privatization of education, thinks RacettTop is wonderful ( tell this to democratic teachers and educators!) and supports what the corporates in this state want..He is a lawyer making 6 figures, who never gave up his 2% automatic raise back in July as RI people are still unemployed. He pushed for the tolls to screw the Portsmouth area residents. Mattiello was a big supporter of eliminating COLAS for those in the pension system who paid their dues in every check for their pension unlike the state did. He is the Gist-Raimondo admirer who will screw his own middle class constituents which he did when he voted for Raimondo’s Pension plan in 2011. Yes, he is more the Republican than the Democrat….he believes in the Jeb Bush right wing Republican education playbook …but plays the Democratic name label game for the votes because unfortunately at this time, due to the government slow down-it was never shut–it just hurt the seniors who wanted to visit their memorials and parks- the Republican party is not well liked…

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