Tony Affigne is state committee chair for the Green Party of Rhode Island.

One response to “Debate Confirms: Collins Best Congress Candidate”

  1. Craig OConnor

    I proudly voted for Abel Collins this morning, and I urge all progressives, liberals, and people who want a better america to do the same. Langevin did not vote for the Progressive Caucus’ Peoples Budget. He waffled on health care reform and fed the fire of anti-choice Stupak insanity. Langevin voted to increase money for the stupid war on drugs, which is increasing death and misery in Mexico. He voted yes on increasing border patrols. Other than his vote against going to war in Iraq (and that was a no brainer he shoudln’t really get any credit for), I can’t think of anything he has done that has made a difference. (And, just to be fair, I’ve heard many people say that he has helped them with difficuties, and so is good at constuent service, which is improtant and for which Rep. Langevin deserves a hearty thank you.) Is Langevin a reliable vote on moderately liberal/progeressive issues liek taxes and union rights? Yes. But that is not enough. When the public option was the furthest left the Democrats would go in health care reform, when returning to the rich elite love-in tax rates of the 90’s is the best they can do for economic justice, and when ending the war in Iraq means 15,000 personell and at least 5,000 private armed mercenaries being paid for by tax dollars, it means the time for Democrats to be considered true agents of change is done.

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