Bob Plain is the editor/publisher of Rhode Island's Future. Previously, he's worked as a reporter for several different news organizations both in Rhode Island and across the country.

3 responses to “Homeless Like Me: 48 Hours on the Streets of Providence”

  1. BCHall

         I applaud your upcoming 48-hour experience on the streets.  I have one suggestion: leave the $20. behind.  For one thing, it’ll give you a better window into what it’s like to be outside and unable to buy your way in (even for a cup of coffee).  For another thing, you will also have a chance to see what happens when you need to ask for things.
         But thank you for your writing, and for this project in particular.  May you stay safe and learn a lot. 

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  2. runttt

    From your Homeless Fans from Denver, Colorado. Hope you have good weather and a lot of Turkey.
      At least that is what it is like here in Denver.
    So, not to seem, rude. Sorry…..
    Anyway, I read an article posted on the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless Web Site.
    On how bad a Homeless Shelter, located in Cranston, was. It sounded like a Shelter here, in Denver. When I first moved out here.
    It was Judge by the State as “Unfit for a Human Being”!
    But, that was in 1991 and a lot of things, have change.
    So I hope things have change for the better, in Rhode Island. Wish you all the Luck, with your days of “Living on the Street”!
    Keep calling the pretty girls, pretty. Be sweet and they may make a charitable donation to you. Now a days, it considered acceptable!!!
    Good Luck

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  3. Ericka

    Be careful. I think this is a very good thing you are doing. Too many people are homeless or in a state where it could be possible very quickly if one little thing goes wrong. I think you are right about how the further down the rung you get the harder it is ti get back up. Each rung is like a roadblock that has to be overcome before progress can be achieved. Many children are now homeless and I can’t imagine how they can get to school much less get their homework done.
    Once again stay safe and try to stay warm.

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