Bob Plain is the editor/publisher of Rhode Island's Future. Previously, he's worked as a reporter for several different news organizations both in Rhode Island and across the country.

4 responses to “‘Homeless Like Me’ Project Catches Media’s Attention”

  1. cailin rua

    re: the stupid tree “issue”.

    “. . . but I bet if we held a poll . . .” – Tim White.

    So typical of the establishment media.  What’s the ideal?  Tear up the constitution and establish an American Idol style direct democracy monitored by Nielsen? 

    The “who cares” option you suggested in your retort to the stupid suggestion that a stupid tree poll be conducted – precious.

    Good to see you on the tube.  I don’t think you need their approval, though. 

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  2. Ericka

    The whole series on homelessness was a great idea. That it got wider attention on the mainstream local media is even better. Shining a bright light on homelessness is something that has been needed for a long time. The economy is still in pretty poor shape. This means that those who are homeless are still having a very hard time.
    Just because the stock market goes up and investors start making money doesn’t mean rents have come down and pay has grown. Many families are on the streets along with the single folks and addicts. Just like the regular population, there are all kinds who are down and out, without home or hearth. So I hope we all keep those without a roof over their heads in our hearts during the holiday season and beyond.
    Thank you for the series and for putting a face to at least some of those who are without a home this holiday season. And to those still out there stay warm and safe if you can.

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  3. Camanda08

    On your “homeless Like me”  you refer to the stero type of homelessness as people with drug addition, criminals or Mentally Illness, stating they are the minority.  Then you suggest most are NOT in this catergory, but are  like “you and me”  I would like to point out that 1 out of 4 people suffer from mental illness.  Therefore, “those mentally ill people”  ARE” you and me”.  Additionally, alcohoism and addition are diagnosed diseases, and require access to treatment, as does mental illness. & health care is not often something low or no income people have.  Being an alcoholic, mentally ill or growing up without the support, love and life lessons that are neccessary to be self sufficient,  are not CRIMES and certainly not something to segregate people by.
      I am offended that you assume that all people regard the mentally ill or alcohlics, as outside the “you and me” category” The  “Those people” attitude needs to stop.  Most people I know, KNOW people , friends or family, that suffer from these conditions.  Add a lack of support to those conditions and homelessness may much more easily occur.  Please do not assume that everyone is as biased as you.  the circumstances surronding homelessness are layered, and deep.  be it first time homeless or chronically homeless, the solutions are complex.  But just for the record, and I am NOT “just guessing” as you did on channell 12,    Shelter is NOT the issue when it comes to homelessness in this State. Although taking up a shelter bed at Harrington Hall, when people are literally sleeping outdoors due to over crowed shelters is not going to win you any awards with me)

     Affordable housing IS an issue! 
    Access to mental health care IS,
    Long term community supports ARE. 
    education IS
     family planning IS.
    investments in Job training and a buisness friendly State ARE. 

    and I would like to say, as a person in long term recovery from Alcohlism, and Mental Health issues, and someone who has experienced homelessness (not by choice) 
    needed help and support and most of all non-judgement in order to recover.   

    I am now, an extremely productive and contributing member of my community and I work with people everyday in my Job, and on a volunteer basis, who struggle with  the same issues I did.  and belive it or not, even those 15% of alcholic, mentally ill, “criminals” you dismissed as the “not me and you’s”  don’t want to exist the way they do.
    and are some of the most compassionate, understanding people I have ever known.
    So everyone… instead of voulenteering at a soup kitchen this holiday season, why not make a committment to give someone a chance? 
    Employ someone who has overcome their addition, even though they may have a criminal record, if they are doing the right thing now.  
    Volunteer to be a literacy coach in a low income neighborhood.
    become a big sister or big brother, and be the ONE positive person is an improvished childs life 

    A hand up,  not a hand out!   




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  4. cking

    I keep thinking about Bob’s interview on Newsmakers regarding his “Homeless like me” project.  One of the interviewers asked him if he had had the chance to give back to the homeless after his experience.  The exchange was around “stuff” – food or money- had Bob had the opportunity to do that.  Well, this has had me thinking- Bob gave an immeasurable amount in his experience and his reporting.  He placed names, faces, stories with an anonymous population.  He connected with people- gave them the experience that their story matters, that someone cares and that it may impact others.  He connected with a group of people who are nameless and faceless to most of us.  He connected with their life for how it was in the moment with out judgement.  A gift, I think.  Sometimes our idea of giving is measured only by dollars given, can goods donated.  But, what I believe is of equal importance, at least, and its effect can be life changing but not as quantifiable, is connecting with one another,  letting other people know they matter, we value them for who they are right at this very moment.  We all give different things at different times -all have value.  This project has made me think about the tremendous value of aligning our intention, our words and our action.  Great work, Bob.  I am proud to know you.

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