Bob Plain is the editor/publisher of Rhode Island's Future. Previously, he's worked as a reporter for several different news organizations both in Rhode Island and across the country.

6 responses to “How immigrants affect Rhode Island’s economy”

  1. cailin rua

    How naive would it be of me to say, “unbelievable”???

    “The New American Economy”

    Who’s behind this new progressive group? Follow the link if you really want to know but prepare yourselves to become acquainted with some really great . . . really, really, great, great progressives as a certain Commander in Chief might be heard saying about some of his most progressive appointees.

    And if neo lib mayor Michael Nutter and Uber Neolib Mike Bloomberg aren’t bad enough, there’ is the world’s most prominent real news inquiring minds want to know about’s media mogul, Rupert Murdoch. Oh, how nice, very nice. So many people caught in the same device.

    What next? Will Alan Hassenfield offer up another $1,000,000 of the money he absconded to Florida with to set up a think tank at Johnson & Wales for John Simmons, as he did for Gary Sasse at Bryant? I suppose that will be after he funds the Progressive Democrats and prominent gentrifiers on their way to installing legislators who will finally do away with the Death Tax so’s he can move back here and fund more progressive causes.

    Not only do things seem horribly pathetic. They are also very scary. I suppose I’ll have to subscribe to the Wall Street Journal to find my moral compass in all this. Praise be the billionaires! And for those who haven’t quite reached that mark, may the Death Tax be repealed! If you cannot garner a fortune the old fashioned way, by inheriting it, it should be a deep matter of concern for social justice warriors everywhere.

    For cryin’ OUT LOUD! RENEW OUR ECONOMY!!! Dot com.(in the board members of this new group’s image and likeness. they’re all gods!)

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    1. cailin rua

      Oh! I see. According to the hyper accurate R I Future rating system I have a -1 handicap. That’s pretty good, I guess. In golf, scratch is as low as you can go. . . .

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  2. Karl Marx

    I think you are mixing up the terms Immigrants and Illegal aliens. No one is planning to deport immigrants who are eligible to vote…if they are eligible to vote, then they have followed the proper procedures for gaining access to the USA.

    The concern is illegal aliens, who have illegally entered this country and are reaping the benefits that the USA and RI have to offer, without paying into the system. Illegal aliens (according to the ProJo), are receiving public assistance benefits. Illegal aliens are eligible for Gina’s free education plan, yet illegal aliens do not pay taxes,

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    1. Steve Ahlquist

      Undocumented workers pay $33.4 million in RI taxes.

      The term “illegal alien” is racist.

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  3. Randall Rose

    Your rant on immigrants is ignorant.

    > Illegal aliens (according to the ProJo), are receiving public assistance benefits.

    The Projo article you cite talks about people on public assistance who are undocumented, but if you had read the article you would see that it’s not clear if any of them have broken the immigration laws — if any had, it wouldn’t be many. Sounds like you read the news the way small-minded people like Donald Trump do, trying to twist things you hear to make a sweeping stereotype about “illegal aliens” as an entire group, when you don’t have data to support it. Steve responded the right way on that, by giving the facts on taxes which you botched.

    I do give you credit for pointing out the clerical error in the original version of this article, which said that undocumented immigrants are eligible to vote. But it looks like RI Future corrected that language after you pointed it out.

    The reality is, undocumented immigrants aren’t the ones who’ve made the policies that are harming our society. So why blame them? The people to blame are the ones who really do, in your words, “reap the benefits” while paying little or nothing into the system. That would be, not only Trump, but a lot of other business people who underpay working people, downsize their jobs, and lock up the innovations that could have been used to give more benefit to the economy. They are the ones who have greatest say in shaping government economic policies, and they take the benefits. If it wasn’t for people like that, those who are able to work could find good jobs, and there wouldn’t be much need for public assistance.

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  4. cailin rua

    Where to begin with this issue??? The Spanish American War? The Dulles Bros. intervention in Guatemala? The CIA’s installation of the Shah in the ’50’s. Corn dumping in the south of Mexico??? The undeclared wars in Southeast Asia? Hillary Clinton’s policy in North Africa, the Middle East and Honduras??? The work of George Bush Sr., right on up to the second Iraq War. Unfettered globalization of economies that resist any kind of regulation???

    The current situatation is definitely not anyone’s fault who had to flee the destruction of their countries and repression. Yet who has been chosen for leadership but “The New American Economy”. It seems no one followed my link: or maybe it’s that no cares that the co-chairs are people like Rupert Murdoch, the CEO of Marriot Hotels(some secret deal with Andy Stern, maybe?) and Michael Bloomberg – all beneficiaries of the low paid captive worker class and a globalized “economy”, whose wealth is largely dependent on what they term “innovation” and “maximization of efficiencies, which always translates into cutting costs by cutting jobs through automation or when that fails disrupting the labor market to drive down wages and reduce benefits and covering up their true intentions by claiming all this is done in the name of keeping things “competitive”.

    When I opened this post the other day all I could think was what a facile analysis. The status quo benefits NO ONE except the kinds of people who are on the list of co-chairs – the billionaire class. Tell me how either native low wage earners or the virtual slave class of the undocumented are benefiting from the status quo. 180 degrees from the Trump/Bannon/Miller approach to dealing with it is not what the group behind these numbers represents.

    Michael Bloomberg, Alan Hasenfeld, and John Rosenthal’s “gun control” campaigns will not help one undocumented worker. In many cases their efforts toward finding more carceral “solutions” will probably do just the opposite, and maybe, at best, turn the psycho social establishment into a more oppressive arm of law enforcement than it already is and further dumb down what anyone who is familiar with the work of Max Weber knows is imprecise science that is able to offer statistics that are easily manipulated for sordid political purposes. Those campaigns are all about developers trying to get their political feet in the door of local government in order to swing it wide open for their gentrification plans.

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