2 responses to “Income Inequality and Entry Level Wages”

  1. cailin rua

    Interesting post.  1973 was a pivotal year.  Interestingly, Irish president, Michael Higgins visited the tomb of Salvador Allende just the other day.  

    I don’t think what you write about is far fetched at all.  The Lewis Powell Memo was circulated in late 1971.  The CitiGroup Plutonomy Memos were sent out in 2005 – 2005.  There seems to be a lot of evidence to support what you have to say.  Something overlooked by many, however, seems to be Ronald Reagan’s relationship with Lemuel Boulware after General Electric bought Ronald Reagan’s services in the mid fifties.  Someone should read into the effects of Boulwarism in the late twentieth century.  Jack Welch’s infamous remark that “ideally you’d have every plant you own on a barge”, continuously rings in my ear every time I read someone groaning about manufacturing jobs leaving the state.   

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  2. Greg Gerritt

    Nobel Prize winning economist Joseph Stiglitz points out economies work very poorly when inequality grows.  it is one of the reasons the US economy sucks.  The other is ecological collapse.  

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