Bob Plain is the editor/publisher of Rhode Island's Future. Previously, he's worked as a reporter for several different news organizations both in Rhode Island and across the country.

2 responses to “Is Ted Nesi Biased on Pension Reform?”

  1. Samuel Bell

    I’m confused.  I thought Nesi’s Notes was basically an opinion blog.  I never detected much of a pretense of impartiality.  There’s nothing wrong with him expressing an opinion on his blog.  RI Future is an opinion blog, after all.

    The issue is that there are no liberal voices in the mainstream Rhode Island media.  That’s the problem.

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  2. cailin rua

    I have to agree that Nesi is a very good reporter but . . . 

    “@bobplain no, in other words, you’re looking for a conspiracy where there isn’t one” 

    Suggesting that someone who is suspicious about a person’s motivations is a conspiracy theorist is an age old silencing tactic I would have thought beneath someone like Nesi. 

    This just happened to come across my newsfeed on Facebook this morning:

    One does not have to be a genius to recognize that anyone who doesn’t go along is not going to get along for very long in the commercial news media.  From one of those ten quotes of Chomsky’s:

    “”Journalists entering the system are unlikely to make their way unless they conform to these ideological pressures, generally by internalizing the values; it is not easy to say one thing and believe another, and those who fail to conform will tend to be weeded out by familiar mechanisms.”

    And about the insidious, Orwellian way the media presents itself? . . . 

    ” this mask of balance and objectivity is a crucial part of the propaganda function. In fact, they actually go beyond that. They try to present themselves as adversarial to power, as subversive, digging away at powerful institutions and undermining them. The academic profession plays along with this game.”

    I gave Sam Bell’s comment above a thumbs up last night but . . . 


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