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3 responses to “Jeff Britt on Mattiello’s use of phrase ‘illegal alien’”

  1. Greg Gerritt

    Mattiello does not understand democracy or justice and hires accordingly.

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  2. Polly Tickes

    Mattiello is a special interest group-hypocrite flip-flopper Bill Murphy Marionette who needs to be voted out today. District 15 needs to vote Steve Frias– fiscal conservative who is against truck tolls, legislative grants(Mattiello’s pay for play money) and for term limits–everything Mattiello is against. And if you need proof on why Mattiello needs to be replaced, watch this video:

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  3. Claire Pimentel

    And yet, on here (, Mattiello stated that “he was unaware of any criticism of [the mailer]”

    And yet, here we see a response from one of Mattiello’s top operatives. Did he think this would be swept under the rug? That our memories don’t extend further back than a month?

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