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Sister Mary Pendergast is the Ecology Director for the Sisters of Mercy Northeast.

5 responses to “Johnston Town Council meeting a violation democracy and decency”

  1. Kcinri

    Attorney General will hopefully have a say on this after enough people file violation notices.

    Having witnessed this myself and seeing the 30 or so people in the exterior hallway and about 60-70 people outside, there was clearly discriminatory treatment to certain members of the public, preferential seating provided to a certain group of people and clearly not a suitable venue for the number of public present to attend the meeting. Reasonable requests were made before the meeting to change the venue, due to the sparse availability of meeting space.

    ACLU should be notified as well, this is a direct violation of our civil liberties as a democratic process.

    Johnston should’ve just had it at a larger venue to accommodate the public, then this would be moot.

    If this is the Governor and Senator Whitehouse’s model of “follow the process”, impeachment hearings should be pending, if nothing is done about this clear and blatant violation of Open Meetings Laws.

    If you attended this meeting and were left out in the cold, it is urged you file an “open meetings violation complaint” with the attorney general’s office.

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  2. wchet

    Thank you, Sister Mary, for your continuing efforts in the fight against this abomination. What happened in Johnston reignited my pessimism regarding Rhode Island politics. Not only was the meeting a blatant circumventing of the democratic process, but the Mayor admitted he met with councilors individually to discuss this agreement. Why would he do that other than to avoid the requirements of the Open Meetings Act? It remains to be seen if the letter of that law was broken, but surely the spirit was.

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  3. Johnnie

    Sister Mary and all those who were present at the Johnston Town Council meeting are righteously outraged. The people of Rhode Island need to read the details, which will go a long way toward exposing, discrediting and delegitimizing Invenergy and Polisena in the eyes of the public. When they read what I just read, even those who favor the power plant will shake their heads. It is that outrageous.

    Sister Mary, why don’t you write a letter ( in the same vein as here) to The Journal and also send a copy to the Johnston Sunrise. The battle to defeat the power plant has always been about creating public opinion and keeping this issue front and center in the eyes of the public. Don’t stop now; keep building the momentum— because it’s not over.

    What you have written here is very descriptive and heartfelt, particularly your quotes from the stunted and crude adolescents who take great pride in their ignorance being put on display.

    A letter from a woman in a religious order — who are subtlety, and continually discouraged from speaking out — will really add weight and credence to the whole movement to defeat this thing.

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  4. salgal

    BEAUTIFUL, Mary. As an attendee and a woman, I have to say the level of disrespect shown toward the women present in the hall, the outlanders in opposition to the plant, was something I’ve not witnessed in many, many years.

    Sister Mary who has written this sane letter, had to stand up for the whole hour with foot problems because even when asked by a male friend for a volunteer in the room (to which we were denied admittance) to give up their seat for her, none would do so. Nor did the Fire Chief or any police officer offer to put a chair in the hall for her to sit. REAL CLASSY, JOHNSTON.

    So crude and ignorant. And such a cliche. The evening served as an all too real indictment against union thugs as well as the administration of the city of Johnston. Pathetic losers who think, as my Aunt Josephine used to say, “They’re King Shit on Toilet Avenue.”

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  5. jcf

    When we got there they had locked the exterior doors. Even the police officer that was posted out in the front was puzzled and said”It shouldn’t ” Imagine that they thought locking us out would change our reaction!!! Taking something that is not yours is called stealing. Good job Mayor…. I think this is just a diversion, I feel a nearby town is dealing with Invenergy for water. They needed Johnston as a line holder for the EFSB presentation that was due January 11th. I don’t TRUST. Invenergy waves $$$$ and people roll over. Funny how $$$$ make people stupid.

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