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Bob Plain is the editor/publisher of Rhode Island's Future. Previously, he's worked as a reporter for several different news organizations both in Rhode Island and across the country.

13 responses to “Johnston Town Council unanimously supports selling water to Burrillville power plant”

  1. Greg Gerritt

    Mayor Polisena and the Johnston City Council have once again proven how criminally corrupt they are . That they would sell out their neighbors means they would sell out anyone for 30 sheckels of silver., They are truly criminal, and stupid. Providence should cut off their water.

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    1. RITaxpayer

      Don’t leave out the union construction workers in your criticism. If RI was a ‘right to work’ state, those neanderthals wouldn’t have as much clout. That would be a VERY good thing for the state.

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  2. PinkHatLib

    “This world has been around a long time, it’s gonna be around a lot longer. I don’t really think it will be a major issue. I think humanity is very smart and they will do the right thing.”

    And by humanity we can assume Polisena means he’s counting on everyone else to do the right thing. Please let us know next time he has a primary opponent… he can count on me doing the right thing then.

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  3. Sergio526

    If all Polisena cares about is money for Johnston, then that’s how we’re going to have to get the message across. Those of us who are not Johnston residents have only one real recourse; we’re going to have to boycott all goods and services from Johnston. It’s unfortunate for those innocent businesses, but it’s all we’ve got, and hopefully the message is received and the decision is reversed before any real damage is done.

    I don’t do much shopping or eating in Johnston, but now any and all of it is off the table. I’ll be going to BJ’s in Attleboro and there are TONS of Italian restaurants around the state that I can eat at instead.

    Please, get the word out, tweet it, facebook it. The sooner it’s out there, the sooner this water deal can be stopped!

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  4. Johnnie

    “Within minutes of convening and with no discussion, the five council members in Johnston voted unanimously in favor of an agreement”

    This is how the “people’s business” is done in Johnston. No discussion, no residential input or any attempt to explain to their constituents their rationale, or where this water transfer station will be located including the transit route of the water trucks. The mayor did not even feel a need to return a call from The Journal. He is arrogant, a bully and a buffoon. This whole thing was orchestrated from start to finish by the Chicago mob and their local affiliates.

    The “representatives” of the people of Johnston live on a different planet and say they have never given ‘much thought’ to climate change – or anything else except payola.

    They want us to think this is now a done deal. This is what the show was about last night, choreographed by the union bosses who also want a piece of the action. This is not primarily about jobs, and it never was — any more than the jobs Raimondo is creating with taxpayer subsidies. Invenergy chose RI for a power plant because they were assured it was doable.

    Think about this: Polisena said his contract with ProvWater allows him to resell wholesale water from the Providence water supply, because that is what he will be doing. Does his contract also allow him to resell unlimited amounts of water to cities and towns in Connecticut and Massachusetts? Can all the other cities and towns that purchase “wholesale water” from Scituate, resell it to whomever? Can Poland Springs, or another bottling company, back their trucks up to this new water transfer facility? He is full of shit.

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  5. Fred

    Who is going to stop them from getting water in Burrillville from hydrants and lakes? Could they drill a secret well on their property? We already know these companies don’t play by the rules. I think Rhode Island is in huge trouble. Our environment is already dying without this plant.

    These plants are dumping fresh water into the ocean on a daily basis. Doesn’t that contribute to sea rise and making the ocean more unstable?

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  6. Fred

    I see we got some trolling going on here. Don’t you jerks have any brains? The little bit of work and money that you might see out of this will come and go quickly. But the pollution and use of water will be here to stay throughout your lifetime.

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  7. Kcinri

    Mayor, Invenergy and all the Chronies smell like beef and cheese. They sit on thrones of lies.

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