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10 responses to “Justin Katz: Wrong for Tiverton School Committee”

  1. patrick

    You’re off base here. Justin did say that the NY teacher was wrong. That in itself shows that he would act to uphold the laws. But that part gets misseed, eh?

    1. PinkHatLib

      Actually he said the teacher admitted she was wrong. I don’t recall seeing anything in there where he took that kind of stand. I’m not sure that’s the same thing. Of course with his round about writing style I’m often left wondering what he actually meant.

      He also described it as an “off day” as if, hey, it could happen to anyone. Who hasn’t forced someone to worship while phoning it in to their priest? That’s hardly a strong condemnation and certainly could lead one to question whether he considers the matter a serious one when taking in conjunction with his flip comments.

      One can only imagine what Justin might have said had the teacher led the students in chanting “Allahu Akbar” and reciting versus of the Qur’an. Is there really any question as to what would have been his response?

  2. Marc Comtois

    Justin addressed the entire teacher/prayer kerfuffle this AM.
    To quote Justin, after he tweeted “My goodness. Are the kids OK?” in reaction to the forced prayer, Justin believed that: “Bob, I’m pretty sure, understood my quip as it was intended” ie; as an ironic/sarcastic (and good-natured) comment. He based his belief on Bob’s reaction tweet: “Both kids and Constitution were saved!” From there, a couple ideologues jumped into the conversation and off it went.
    But Bob stayed out of it.
    Until now. What a textbook case of passive/aggressive hit job, Bob. And while you tweeted “no offense” to Justin about this post, there is plenty to be taken. While you cleverly couched your language by calling Justin’s views/beliefs  “radical” “crazy” “weird” & “far-out”, the implication is clearly that this is the way you want Justin, himself to be viewed by the voters of Tiverton.  Alinsky rule whatever–the “personalize” one–followed to a “T”. 
    I’ll keep this sort of “good faith” reaction in mind in the “future.”

  3. rasputinkhlyst

    Next thing you know some religious creep will be demanding Creationism be taught in the schools, claiming it to be nonfiction.  Roger Williams would be turning in his grave

  4. Portsmouth Citizen

    Forget the NY teacher flap. Let’s keep it close to home. Can someone get Katz on the record about whether he supports the GSA group at Tiverton High School. Not condones, allows, recognizes 1st amendment right to exist, but supports the mission of the GSA.

    1. patrick

      First, I don’t know what GSA is. I’m guessing it’s some student group. I don’t understand your point, Portsmouth Citizen. Are you intimating that all members of the School Committee must support the mission of every single organization in the school system? So if I’m not a fan of volleyball, does that mean I wouldn’t be a very good school committee candidate? Or if I at least am fine with volleyball or the debate team or any other student organization at the school, that’s not enough for you?

      1. PinkHatLib

        You don’t remember Dan Gordon’s views on the subject?

        ** quote **

        The Tiverton Gay-Straight Alliance claims that it is not a sexually-centered group, but by its very name, denotes sexuality. If its exclusive purpose is anti-bullying as claimed, why not an ‘Anti-Bullying Alliance’? One certainly doesn’t take their pet for a check-up at ‘Dan’s Garage and Auto Repair’.

        Interestingly enough, the educators, administrators, Tiverton School Committee Chairwoman, State Democrat Party Chairman, Tiverton Democratic Town Committee Chairman, and a particular Democrat State Representative that have put in print, their support of sex-centered groups in Tiverton High School, may be subject to arrest and prosecution under certain Rhode Island General Laws. Namely, contributing to the delinquency of a child, inducing lewdness, or cruelty to or neglect of a child. Remember, these are minor children we’re talking about, not consenting adults.

        ** end quote **

        So does Justin support the mission on the Tiverton GSA or not? Good question.

  5. cailin rua

    I hate it when people use cryptic acronyms without first providing the reference for what the acronym stands for. For anyone informed about local or even national politics, however, the “GSA” acronym should not be cryptic.  It stands for Gay-Straight Alliance.  GSA’s have been the subject of controversy among those who fashion themselves as conservatives across the country.  Mostly, these “conservatives” are little more than crude bigots as evidenced by this video:

    Some theocrats seem more refined but are little more than hypocritical.  How does a “fiscal conservative” justify public spending on bussing and textbooks on private schools, including religious schools?  These people are right out of a Margaret Atwood novel. 

  6. patrick

    Hey, here’s an idea. Rather than asking in the comments section for an article that he might not read again, why not directly ask him? Why not take this on head on? Call him and ask. Email him and ask. It’s not really that hard.

  7. DogDiesel

    You’ve forgotten where you are. They really don’t want an answer. They’re just planting a seed. Justin answering their question would only spoil their efforts.

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