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One response to “Beer, boofing, and devil’s triangle: Kavanaugh offers explanation to RI senator”

  1. cailin rua

    A Tale of Two Yalies? Senator Stronger than Dirt Whiteknight and the football star from the animal house, a pre-season scrimmage in preparation for the November contest against another Ivy League football star he’ll be facing?

    If the Democrats are wise they will supply springed clothes pins with the images of Gina Raimondo and Sheldon Whitehorse embossed on them outside every polling station in the state. The clothes pins might be a bit uncomfortable but they will pinch a person’s nose nicely as they go into the polling booth to make their choices. As in when someone asks you how life is going, the answer to how do you feel about the person you’re voting for has to be, as always, “not all that bad when I consider the alternative.”

    On the other hand, it seems, there are those who’ve served in criminal justice and gotten themselves elected who are willing to do more than just co-opt true criminal justice reform policy, who are trying to eliminate, or, at least, truly reform programs pioneered by people like our gallant Senator from the eminent demesne of Brown University and R I Foundations . . .

    a glimmer of hope on the horizon??? or, is it still a question of how long the Sundlunistas will maintain their feudal stranglehold over the Democratic Party here? It looks like it will be another six years, at least, unless we find ourselves tossed out of the frying pan and into the fire.

    It’s turned into one more election season of battles where the first casualties are always truth and where the choices run the gamut all the way from awful to absolutely horrible.

    It’s another election season redux of Cicilline/Doherty contrasts – the neoliberal elitists against paleoconservative prospects from the Stone Age . . . .

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