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5 responses to “Ken Block Is PT Barnum, Rhode Island The Suckers”

  1. cailin rua

    This report says more about the focus of the media along with the moneyed interests in this state and its focus than it does about welfare fraud. With 38 studios and CVS walking away with millions, the “small gov” crowd has a real need to create distractions, apparently and turn the “I-Team” cameras on their always available scapegoats – the poor.  By shrinking government and services while cutting the taxes of the well off in an environment where there aren’t enough jobs for everyone, we should have even more fodder for people like Mr. Block, enabling them  to create more distractions away from what’s really ailing this state.  

  2. PinkHatLib

    Hehe, sing it with me! Oh Mr. Block, you were born by mistaaaaake. You take the caaaaake, you make me aaaaache!

  3. Ericka

    I believe the RI conservatives are going on a poor bashing tour. House Minority Leader Brian C. Newberry has released a statement, with a link on the Ri House of Representatives facebook page, pumping the SNAP fraud report. 
    Newberry says that he hopes that “this will put to a stop the arguments that fraud really doesn’t happen, and embolden us to do something about it,”
    The fraud rate being less than 1% in RI tells me we don’t have all that much fraud to do anything about. This is about appealing to a base who thinks that all poor people deserve to be poor and hungry. They believe that the children benefiting from SNAP benefits should just go hungry. The elderly SNAP recipients are out of luck, it is too bad if they didn’t save enough for retirement. Those who lost it in the banking crisis should just suck it up and keep working. Those who are suffering because of the ever continuing recession should crawl into a hole and hide. They just don’t want to hear it.
    I have no problem cutting off those who are cheating the system, but the majority using SNAP benefits are not cheating.

  4. DogDiesel

    I’m no Ken Block fan but these latest attacks are laughable at best. He isn’t attacking the poor. He’s attacking poor governance. There is an obvious need for safety nets but all taxpayers want to know is that their hard earn money is being given away legitimately. How is that bad?

  5. Barry

    I have to agree with “Dog” and feel this attack on Ken Block is both very unfair and a big mistake.  Not just because we are taxpayers and don’t want our money wasted, but because if there is to be the public support needed to adequately fund the programs that some people badly need, the public will have to be assured that adequate steps are taken to ensure the proper running of these programs.

    Ken is helpind do that by this study.  He did not overstate the results, which the report notes are limited by inadequate data.   But it does detail various aspects that should be troubling, including inadequate communication between agencies resulting in things like dead people still getting food stamps and someone cashing them, similarly housing authorities not being informed about food stamp use, indications of resale of valuable but overprescribed prescription drugs, collusion with retailers to defraud the SNAP program, excessive appointments on medicaid-covered dental “services,”  and more.  

    Supporters of the social safety net play into the hands of the right-wing when they seem to defend abusive practices in these programs. 

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