Kennedy, Culpo Are Against Marijuana Legalization

While Rolling Stone magazine may have called us the fourth most likely state to legalize marijuana, two high profile Rhode Islanders are killing the buzz.

Former CD1 Congressman Patrick Kennedy, who now lives in Jersey, is lending his political star power to a group called SAM, or Smart Approaches to Marijuana, that will advocate for lowering sentencing instead against legalization.

And, perhaps of greater political significance, Miss Universe Olivia Culpo of Cranston told Fox News that she isn’t an advocate of ending pot prohibition, though she said she supports medical marijuana.

Not that I think either member of this odd couple will have an effect on the debate locally, but I did say it would be just retired cops and school drug counselors fighting against legalization and so I stand corrected. Add to the list a recovering Oxycontin addict and a beauty pageant winner. Stiff competition indeed.

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Bob Plain is the editor/publisher of Rhode Island's Future. Previously, he's worked as a reporter for several different news organizations both in Rhode Island and across the country.

4 responses to “Kennedy, Culpo Are Against Marijuana Legalization”

  1. Sully

    “Add to the list a recovering Oxycontin addict…” Stay classy, San Siego.

  2. leftyrite

    What if you have a cancer, and you still don’t want to register with the government?

    Don’t you think that drawing any kind of comparison of pot to cocaine, heroin, or oxycontin creates a false equivalency that is useful to rhetoric, but not to fact?

    That stated, I can see why people might be wary.

    Junior may tend to drop the bomb on himself far too intensely and far too often.

    Still doesn’t necessitate outright lying, which is resorted to often enough by law enforcement people, who like the easy work, or in the creation of false equivalencies to keep medicine (yes, medicine) from judicious users.


  3. Samuel Bell

    Here’s a petition calling on Kennedy to drop out of SAM, the marijuana prohibition lobby:

    Sign and share if you’re interested!

  4. DogDiesel

    I never thought I’d feel bad for Patrick but the comments about him being a hypocrite alcoholic and addict are totally classless. I thought potheads were all mellow. I would think he’s speaking from his own experiences. How does that make him a hypocrite?

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