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3 responses to “Left and right agree on 38 Studio bond payment”

  1. leftyrite

    In the meantime, according some reports, money is pouring out of the bond markets on the strength, or rather, weakness of the Fed’s latest edict about not buying up its fair share of toxic waste.

  2. tricci

    I like it when people say we should not pay the bonds because the voters never approved it.  How many more bonds can be default on, how about the Dunkin Donuts Center bonds that were never approved by a voter referendum.  It is nice to think not paying the bonds will not have an impact, but that is wishful thinking. RI borrows a lot of money, and if rates go up 1/4 of one percent for the state when it borrows it will cost more than paying off the Studio 38 Bonds.   $12 million in next years budget, that is about 1.5% of the total budget, seems like out of $8 billion they can find a way to pay these off.

  3. Barry

    Where is the evidence that “most Rhode Islanders” agree we should fork over all ths money to the bondholders and/or insurance companies??  Most people I know, not all that political, think these people ripped us off and ask why did the EDC pay for insurance for the bonds??  Perhaps you want to believe the public supports repayment just because you hate to disagree with Art Handy.

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