Bob Plain is the editor/publisher of Rhode Island's Future. Previously, he's worked as a reporter for several different news organizations both in Rhode Island and across the country.

5 responses to “Linc Chafee <3s RI, Me Too”

  1. leftyrite

    Lots of people would like Lincoln Chafee to succeed, myself included. But these are times that force leaders to stretch.

    That, I haven’t seen.

    When the governor ceded power to Gina on the pension issues, (GINA,GIVE BACK THAT DIRTY ENRON MONEY,) it spoke volumes about his leadership.

    Rhode Island is, indeed, beautiful. He should know; he and his economic class own a good chunk of it. So, where is the intensity of his messaging?

    Also, he seems to be waiting by the phone for someone from the Obama administration to tell him his next move.

    He could change many perceptions just by articulating and advancing his own. After all, he put himself in the public forum to govern

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  2. Barry

    Linc Chafee IS governing!  I feel continuing the semi-negative vibes here will only make it more likely the next Governor will be far less progressive.

    Chafee has indeed taken on the underfunded pension issue even though it jeopardized his base support, started to fix the underfinanced transportation system (avoiing new borrowing) and has sent a “resource team” to RIPTA to keep the system going (so far without any service cuts), taken heat for advocating some aditional taxes which may be needed but few politician would dare to do so.  He has addressed problems in the DMV, has appointed some excellent Directors (e.g. DEM), started to reverse the steady decline in support for public higher ed, while taking on the zealots wth regard to immigrant rights, marriage equality, reproductive freedom (think of setting up the health care exchange) and church/state separation.  I may disagree on some issues (defunding Channel 36, helping RIDOT’s finances but not RIPTA’s, being too quick to honor the so-called “moral obligation” to pay back 38 Studios bondholders, seeking to abolish the Bureau of Audits…) but on the whole his election as an Independent Governor makes me proud of Rhode Island. 

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  3. Sully

    So Raimondo, who didn’t even have a vote on pension reform, gets atttacked daily in this blog as some right-wing lunatic, but Chaffee, who actually signed the Pension reform into law, gets a love letter. Interesting dynamic. 

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  4. RoundHouseLeft

    one things is very certain, Gina divided the progressive community. Gee, who benefits the most from that?


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  5. Sully

    So Raimonda is really a right wing manchurian candidate, programned by a texas billionaire through a $2,000 campaign donation, and sent on a amission to split the progressive vote.

    I believe we have jumped the shark.

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