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4 responses to “House protects Alex and Ani owner’s farm concerts, progressives could have prevented it”

  1. Samuel Bell

    I’m often an advocate of no votes, but I have to say I found myself persuaded by progressive Rep. Jason Knight’s argument about NIMBYism. I think it’s helpful to think about the broader policy rather than the specific instance. I imagine that Rafaelian’s concerts are tacky and annoying, and I think the Little Compton Town Council should regulate concerts that become nuisances. But the bill doesn’t actually prevent them from doing so. Under this bill, a reasonable Little Compton Town Council could still stop disruptive concerts through regulation. But of course, the Little Compton Town Council consists of five Republicans who ran uncontested last year (despite the fact that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama both won the town by a solid margin). So maybe the right fix is for Democrats to take the Little Compton Town Council.

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  2. salgal

    Part of what makes Little Compton such a jewel, and South Tiverton as well, is that it is QUIET! The natural world is the attraction. Extremely limited commercial operations including shopping and typical tourist traps are absent. Folks that want that sort of ambiance can go elsewhere. This pristine, low-key, quiet and abundantly beautiful part of RI does not want nor need hordes of people ruining all that makes it special. It’s about farming and the ocean. Outdoor concerts belong in areas where the human and wildlife residents have no objections.

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  3. cailin rua

    “I found myself persuaded by progressive Rep. Jason Knight’s argument about NIMBYism.”

    Then why doesn’t he suggest moving the Central Landfill from Johnston to his own hometown?

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  4. salgal

    I got this chimpmail from a manager of one of the farmer’s markets.

    You can also help keep farms in Rhode Island growing food, not dollars for corporations; please contact your state senator and representatives about House Bill 6172 Sub A. This bill would give “farms” the right to hold events such as concerts and weddings without having to get permits from the local authorities. No farmers were included in proposing or drafting this unnecessary act, which would damage relations between farmers and their neighbors, and give more incentives to those who would take viable farmland and use it for frivolous and even destructive purposes. Please take a moment to call your legislators and let them know you oppose this bill.

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