Bob Plain is the editor/publisher of Rhode Island's Future. Previously, he's worked as a reporter for several different news organizations both in Rhode Island and across the country.

4 responses to “Local News Victimized by Trickle Down Economy”

  1. Pat Crowley

    A community institution? 

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  2. DogDiesel

    More like a dying institution. I think you’re dreaming if you think executive pay cuts will save the Journal. It may stave the inevitable off but to blame it on trickle down economics is intellectually dishonest. Look around and you, of all people, can see print is going the way of the 8 track and VCR.

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  3. leftyrite

    New Englanders ran the Journal better. They cared more; they were more connected.  Edward Achorn is the pro-consul for the home office in glorious Dallas.    Hail, Dallas!!

    He, more than any individual, took the paper from a legit entity, to which I subscribed for decades, to its present shadow of a form.

    Vote against, not only my better instincts, but any semblance of fair play with regard to your local schoolteacher, which was I (me) at one time?   Please.

    Maybe the Journalistas should adopt the example of Bob Kerr and stand for something. 

    He remains readable and credible to this day, and I doubt that it’s been easy for him.


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  4. cailin rua

    All I can remember since I cancelled my subscription (or was it a prescription – Ambien?) were all those editorials with the writers pontificating about “buggy whips”.  If Henry Anthony were around, I wonder how he would feel about all this.  Gosh, those were the days!  Weren’t they?

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