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  1. Barry

    I’m glad Abel wrote this fine post which should show the abolishment of the “master lever” (not really a lever that shows who you actually voted for as the old machines with an actual lever used to do) is not necessarily a conservative plot but a good government issue.  I think the master lever is especially hard on independents running for office, something I would like to see more of.

  2. Robert Malin

    this is an example of good bipartisan policy. Progressives should support this simply on principle- a vote should not be mass produced by the voting machine.We all know that there are lots of DINOs in Rhode Island that only get elected riding on the coattails of a Democratic Party that existed in the past, the party of John Kennedy, FDR, and even the Great Society which gave us Civil Rights reform. In my opinion the Democratic Party of Rhode Island would be better served by focusing on theses liberal programs that made them an alternative party.  and having them sneak int office on the Master lever  I’m not even tell people what they’re planning on doing hurts democracy.

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