Jerry Elmer is a Senior Attorney for the Conservation Law Foundation.

One response to “Making Renewable Energy “Dispatchable””

  1. Johnnie

    According to scientists at MIT, there is 1000 gigawatts of clean power — “about equal to the total U.S. electricity generation capacity today” — off US shores in waters more than 60 meters deep.

    Floating wind turbines tethered to the ocean floor, similar to the technology developed for floating oil-drilling rigs, can produce alone all US energy needs. These floating turbines can and must be situated far enough offshore where they cannot be seen from the mainland, a big plus.

    So what stands in the way? A system of electricity generation which demands the owners of capital extract the same amount of profit from turbines as they would from fossil fuels. If electricity generation cannot compete profitably, it doesn’t get built. And people, including scientists, speak as if this is the natural order of things.

    This is why the planet and ‘civilization’ as we know it is in peril.

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