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One response to “Mancuso, Gist keep ed debate in spotlight”

  1. leftyrite

    Nice appending of the Diane Ravitch piece to the above posts, which I haven’t watched and have no desire to.
    She is, by far, among the best proponents for a new way in education.
    But, what a turnaround. She was all for the H.W. Bush policies, and, in fact, she helped write them. Now, she has had her Jericho moment. 
    Understanding that one’s views can change with the times, is Ms. Ravitch the person we want if we ever dare to reform education?
    Throughout the nation, a diverse, powerful group of thinkers are suffering under the same pressures. They yearn to teach; they want to move forward, taking themselves seriously as motive forces as opposed to passive recipients of patronage-driven tech without art.
    These potential motive forces see what’s going on, and they know that reform is needed. They have eloquent voices and writing skills superior to those of Ms. Ravitch. And, they have the benefit of not being policy wonks, for which read Captives of Washington and the Washington circuit.
    Ravitch is great.
    She should not be the pre-eminent voice of education reform, though her contribution, particularly in this turnaround, has been meant a great deal.
    Perhaps that is a challenge to other voices to dare to speak their minds in the public forum. We must have some powerful, forceful, serious amateurs out there.
     This is New England.

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