Bob Plain is the editor/publisher of Rhode Island's Future. Previously, he's worked as a reporter for several different news organizations both in Rhode Island and across the country.

3 responses to “Martin Luther King Jr. on Marriage Equality”

  1. simon846

    As long as the 10% of us grow up under the stigma coming from institutional leaders like talk radio hosts and the Catholic Bishop, we will not be able to eliminate HIV transmission. Teaching hate and fear rather than love and tolerance will kill some of our loved ones who internalize this bigotry and take risks with their lives through IV drug abuse and unsafe sex.
    Marriage equality is more than just a civil rights issue.

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  2. Ericka

    It is this teaching of hate and fear that confuses me. Much of it is from people claiming to be Christian. Didn’t Jesus preach love thy neighbor. Well it should be done. We don’t need all this hate.
    To me it seems to be more about pettiness and fear. A need to subjugate someone, anyone who doesn’t conform to their norms. Fear of the unknown, fear of the different. Freedom is for all Americans. We are all created equal and we all should be treated equally.
    simon is right, this does ruin lives. How can we, as a people who profess freedom and equality, treat anyone as second class citizens?
    Marriage equality must pass in order for this country to right another wrong and become the country it was meant to be. We the people demand it.

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  3. Xkalindar1

    You demand what ???? Jesus spoke on marriage and I would believe that Dr King would know all the lessons Jesus taught he was a Very Intelligent man. We don’t live the way God intended and Jesus explained all that. God intended One man to One woman for life he explained it a few times as the priests of the temple constantly tried to trick him but Jesus was the word and even  Satan couldn’t speak down to him. Men and women however go with what they think feels right or makes them happy. God sent his son to give you a way out. Believe in him and you will be fine. But expect nothing but a modest humble life. God never promises an easy road as a matter of fact quite the opposite. You are entitled to grace not what YOU want. And I find it pretty insulting that you assume Dr King a leader of Civil Rights would find any common ground with someones sexual preference his journey was from slavery to equality. Not even close to what you assume to make a bridge to. You want to talk about rights ? Where and what civilization or Scripture do you have to back your claim ? Natural Law ? Religious Law ? Constitutional Law ? No NONE !!!

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