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3 responses to “Mattiello says RI “should be supportive of” Trump”

  1. salgal

    Number one, I don’t “get” this guy at all. Always interesting to me how people that are so personally unpopular amass hefty political power. Which came first? Are people afraid of him outside of the State House? Like would a neighbor be nervous to let a visitor park in front of his house?

    #2, I would be quite curious what he has to say about Trump now. Should we ask?

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  2. Deforest

    Re-framing the analysis of Mattiello’s comments to see them as favorably as possible, there is still a deeply troubling aspect to them. If one chooses to view Mattiello’s remarks as favorably as possible you could recognize that these remarks were made pre-inauguration and that there is nothing wrong with a top state government leader saying he has a “wait and see” attitude. It is a widely-accepted and generally sound policy for any politician to avoid speculation and only deal with facts.

    But seen even in that most favorable light, there is a deeply troubling, and revealing, aspect to his comments. Starting at 0:49 in the full response video Mattiello, states, “Let’s see what he does, hope for the best, and then we’ll deal with the financial impacts plus or minus.”

    “Financial” impacts. Mattiello is talking about money. Nowhere in his full response does he refer to any potential “plus or minus” or impacts other than money.

    The vast majority of concerns I hear people talk about are not about money. They are about so much more including conflicts of interest, women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, xenophobia, Islamophobia, his incessant narcissism, eroding minority civil rights, not to mention alarming concern about Trump’s basic competence and his appointment of ideological political people to national security and other vital positions, rather than people with expertise in those areas. In my experience, ask anyone what they fear most about the Trump administration and “financial impacts” won’t be in the top 5 or 10 of the list of concerns.

    Mattiello anticipating of the impacts of the Trump administration solely in terms of financial impact means that he is blind (or simply uncaring) to far more meaningful concerns.

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