Taveras bikes to work

Thanks Mayor Taveras for celebrating Bike to Work Day showing us how easy it is to bike to work!

taveras btw

Did you bike to work today? If so, tweet us your pictures to @RIFuture or share them with us on Facebook.

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Bob Plain is the editor/publisher of Rhode Island's Future. Previously, he's worked as a reporter for several different news organizations both in Rhode Island and across the country.

3 responses to “Taveras bikes to work”

  1. Barry

    The Bike to Work Day celebration in Providence was a fine event that helps call attention to this relatively healthy, inexpensive, non-polluting, and fun way to travel.  The Mayor (who last year announced the formation of a bike/pedestrian Advisory Committee) this time announced 3 “cyclovia” events (where short stretches of streets are closed to thru traffic for a few hours and the street can be taken over by bicyclists and pedestrians  – other cities have seen locl businesses enefit as a result) – on Broad St again, but this year also on Valley St and Hope St.   Mayor Tavares is helping us (slowly) progress on making biking more part of the RI culture which will also be strengthened when the  bike/pedestrian bridge on the old I-195 piers is constructed and a off-road path along a Bay Commission right of way is built as an alternative to part of the Gano St route.

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  2. John McGrath

    So that’s the guy on a bike in a suit I saw having a conversation with someone down my street. I noted the odd scene but I didn’t recognize him and would have ignored him anyway because I don’t like to bother people. God for him. He’s becoming like Cianci, popping up everywhere. Wouldn’t it be great if he biked around along with Cianci?

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  3. leftyrite

    Taveras is a swell guy for the bondholder set.
    Buddy was far more creative, capable, and resourceful. (I know. I know.)
    Doubt that Angel will stray too far afield in that particular way.
    But any public school teacher who sees Angel Taveras as a progressive has no respect for her or his job or for their profession as public servants.
    Is memory that fleeting?
    Plain, simple, and true.

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