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7 responses to “More than 207 of General Assembly Involved with ALEC”

  1. Thom Cahir

    Boy, nothing like throwing your fellow GA members under the bus, Rep. Brien.

    1. PinkHatLib

      What, those legilators deserve to collect that money without being exposed as on the corporate take? I’d be quite interested to know which ALEC written bills my Senator (Metts) may have supported while a member.

  2. Jake Paris

    Also didn’t know there was a rule preventing legislators from naming each others’ contributors. One would assume Rep. Brien has little to worry about in this regard, opting to throw stones and such.

    Disappointed by many of the names I saw on this list.

  3. Thom Cahir

    Jake, my point was that who would trust Brien with anything now?  If anything, it speaks to a mounting problem within the state Democratic Party and its too liberal (pun intended) interpretation of who qualifies as a Democrat. Maybe the time has come for the Party to rewrite its by-laws or institute some kind of litmus test and not just let anyone put a (D) beside their name at election time.

  4. Art Handy

    FYI all,
    This is not a list of people who received contributions. I have never heard of a PAC associated directly with ALEC. I remember when I was first elected I went to a meeting they had at GTech in West Warwick, in 2003 but I cannot even remember if there was any talking about issues at that event.  I think ALEC builds power by having members and I am glad to see so many that are no longer such. I think you may find that many of the “former” members may not have even realized they were.  Might be a worthwhile question to ask.

  5. Samuel G. Howard

    I’m definitely of the suspicion that some of these folks had no idea what they were signing onto, or that they’re even signed up. I can’t imagine that ALEC is leaping for joy on having Sen. Tassoni on their economic issues. That, and this tweet from Bob:!/bobplain/status/194894805032108033

  6. RI Senate passed resolutions backing ALEC; Dems now scurry | Blogs

    [...] and he found that not only is state Rep. Jon Brien now on the group’s national board, but one in five members of the General Assembly is affiliated with the [...]

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