Ryan Navickas is an organic farmer, tree pruning and grafting consultant, and volunteer English as a second language teacher for an immigrant advocacy organization. He resides in Southern Oregon.

4 responses to “Israel’s Policies Similar to South African Apartheid”

  1. Barry

    I’m not sure why rifuture chose to import from Oregon the Israel-Palestine war with its inflammatory headline.  Considering that Israel has received thousands of rockets from Gaza all year, rather than “severe” the death toll when they finally responded is remarkably low.  Compare to Syria!  Rather than “imposing” their state on Gaza, Israel withdrew from Gaza and would have been content to let them alone to develop their economy.  But instead Gazans elected a government sworn to destroy Israel and impose Sharia on all Palestine, that teaches extreme hate of Jews, and frequently encourages rocket attacks into Israel.  Then they get mad when Israel, instead of meekly surrendering, takes steps to prevent their extinction!
    Rather than “apartheid” the operative term should be “ethnic cleansing” since most Arab nations (e.g.Iraq, Egypt, Syria) have expelled their Jewish populations, even from Jerusalem itself when it was controlled by Arabs 1948-1967.  Indeed no Jews from anywhere in ther world were permiited to visit their religous sites there during that period.  
    That said, I think there is no excuse for settlement expansion in the West Bank, a major factor in dooming hopes for reconcilation and a two-state solution.   And an attack on Iran seems like madness, with unforeseeable consequences but likely terrible casualties and economic losses for Iran, Israel, the region and the US.  I think a priority issue for Americans is to head off a war against Iran.
    For Israel-Palestine, the only way forward is comromise, compromise, by all sides. 

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    1. PinkHatLib

      “Considering that Israel has received thousands of rockets from Gaza all year, rather than “severe” the death toll when they finally responded is remarkably low.”

      The WSJ reported 168 dead including 105 civilians, a remarkably low amount of dead children according to some. Notably the same “remarkably low” amount of were people killed in the Oklahoma City bombings. Fewer children were killed there in fact.

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  2. leftyrite

    There’s such a thing as Judaism, and there’s such a thing as zionism.

    To twist the two phenomena together as if they comprise the same DNA strand is misleading and wrong.

    Benjamin Netanyahu is a member of the permanent war for unlimited land class. The Manifest Destiny group. We’ve had them, of all professed religions, particularly bible-thumping
    Christianity, throughout our U.S. history as well, and unfortunately, our Destiny have guys committed genocide and race-based atrocities, too. The confederates never went away. In fact, they feed on moral flab and align with racists and bigots everywhere. Right, Mr. Adelson?

    Righteousness is as righteousness does.

    This is not a football game; there is no one side to cheer for.

    However, it does look like the run-up to a war, during a time when we are not only overextended, but also morally and ethically unready as well.  

    Die for another derivatives-fueled crash?  Die for the Cayman Islands? 

    Old Testament Destiny seems a lot like Manifest Destiny to me.

    Certainly, it insults and disgraces the spirit of the Warsaw Ghetto.

    We’re not right with ourselves in the U.S., that’s all I know for sure. 

    At the present time, my covenant, if I have one, is with conscience and with reason.  

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