Aaron Regunberg is a community organizer in Providence and a state representative in House District 4.

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  1. jgardner

    Perhaps Rep Regunberg should familiarize himself with what is happened to workers as a result of Seattle’s push to a $15/hr minimum wage before he boasts such strong support.

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    1. Steve Ahlquist

      The uncritical acceptance of evidence that only supports your preconceived beliefs is called confirmation bias. Confirmation bias is made worse when the evidence used to support preconceived beliefs is poor or “Utter B.S.”

      The Seattle Minimum Wage Study Is Utter B.S.

      UW minimum-wage study doesn’t reflect reality of work in Seattle

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      1. jgardner

        There has never been a minimum-wage-increase-doesn’t-hurt-employment study you haven’t supported — even when it reaches a different conclusion than you think — and a minimum-wage-increases-hurt-low-skilled-workers study you haven’t derided so please don’t try to argue confirmation bias.

        Josh Hoxie from the Fortune article you linked to argues the UW study is invalid for two main reasons:

        […] its data excludes 40% of the Seattle workforce.

        A valid criticism whose impact I’m sure will be debated.

        It also stands in contrast to a massive trove of actually credible studies showing that raising the minimum wage is a boon for working class families…

        If that’s the best he can come up with for his additional “main” reason then he really doesn’t have much to criticize the study over.
        1. Mr. Hoxie doesn’t explain his criteria for deeming a study “credible,” however there are many studies showing the opposite so to claim it as an “outlier” is inaccurate.
        2. Even if it were an outlier, that alone does not inherently make the findings incorrect.

        No one would confuse Ben Casselman and Kathryn Casteel for minimum-wage bashers and their analysis of the UW study, which includes acknowledging its flaws essentially reaches the same conclusion Mr. Mitchell does (linked in my first comment).

        You lefties make me laugh — you’ll scream to get the government out of the way while you support a woman’s right to choose what to do with her body, but out of the other side of your mouth scream to get the government involved to not allow her to choose how much to sell her labor for. Cognitive dissonance much?

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  2. leftyrite

    I’ve been a crank

    on this website

    for quite a few years.

    During that time, Aaron Regunberg

    has had a chance to show up

    –like the demo in behalf of the Bannister

    nursing and assisted care facility.

    He shows up.

    He’s a confident, gentle man.

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  3. Deforest

    Representative Regunberg diplomatically refers to the current “legislative standoff.” It’s not a standoff. It’s a temper tantrum by the Speaker of the House. I’ve known 10 year olds who are better behaved than this Speaker. I’m a Democrat. The RI Democratic Party has it’s liberal wing, its conservative wing, and apparently its spoiled child wing consisting of the Speaker.

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