Mark Binder is an author, storyteller, nice guy, and occasional tilter at windmills.
If you enjoy his writing here, please support his work by purchasing some of his other work. Mark's latest is an awesome audio storybook for families called Transmit Joy.
Mark's books include the autobiography, It Ate My Sister, Every Hero Has a Story , Cinderella Spinderella, and Every Hero Has a Story. Please visit his storytelling website: and find his books and audio recordings at or on Amazon, iBooks and Google Play.

Mark has been an occasional candidate for public office. In his last election, he won 43% of the vote against the sitting Speaker of the RI House of Representatives, despite being outspent 10 to 1.

In 2012, he ran as the independent candidate for House District 4 against the Speaker of the House, receiving more than 40% of the vote while outspent by his opponent 20 to 1. He ran for Congress in 2004.

He is also Editor in Chief at Light Publications, a fiercely independent publishing house specializing in fiction and adventurous political thought.

Other books include: "The Brothers Schlemiel," "It Ate My Sister," "Genies, Giants and a Walrus," "Kings, Wolves, Princesses and Lions," and "The Bed Time Story Book." His favorite audio recording is called, "It was a dark and stormy night..." and is available on iTunes.

6 responses to “RI Future, Gordon Fox Serve Those in Charge”

  1. Alias Smith

    Interesting rant. Maybe you should spend more time meditating by the river.

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  2. DogDiesel

    You’re pounding at the door of the inner circle and they don’t want you in. They’re not willing to risk the loss of his leadership position. No matter what the say about Gordon Fox, he’s their guy. That’s the Rhode Island mentality. Good luck to you. I’m not in your district but you’d have my vote on integrity alone.

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  3. Kiersten

    Good encapsulations of how things are done in politics.  I wish you luck and success in your campaign. I will tell all my Providence friends to vote for you.

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  4. joann fonseca

    I don’t live in your district but if I did I would vote for you. You are absolutely correct in everything you say but the people in your district are somehow attached at the hip of Fox. They are either getting favors done by him or they will vote for him because they reaize he is the most powerful RI politician and will expect their district to receive more because of his powerful position.
    This is why I advocate for term limits by referendum. That will be the only way to break the power these Democrats in leadership have..All of them are lawyers making 6 figure salaries, more than most Rhode Islanders & not one in the greedy Democrat lawyer only leadership club gave up the 3.2% raise..not lawyer Fox, not lawyer Maria Theresa Paiva Weed, not lawyer Nick Mattiello, not lawyer Brian Newberry…I wish you good luck in your crusade.

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  5. Joe Dumars

    Caruolo wasn’t a Speaker.

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  6. Mark Gray

    Yeah but here’s the thing–it isn’t Speaker Gordon Fox specifically that’s the problem.  It’s the power that the Position holds, it’s the Office.

    So you beat Fox and hey, you’ve unseated a powerful incumbent politician.  But you don’t automatically get to be speaker.  Someone much more established, someone who’s already been there for years, already positioned himself–and let’s face it, it is most likely a man–HE gets the office.  And all the power and control that come with it.  And you’ll be just a lonely Unaffiliated–or, “Independent,” or what have you–and still on the outside.

    If you were to unseat Fox there’s a chance we’d get an even more conservative speaker.  Hell, there’s a pretty good chance of that anyway.

    It isn’t the Speaker we need to change.  It’s the system that lets the Office of the Speaker (and a few other key leaders) wield an inordinate of power.  

    Now, electing more real Progressives might get that done.  And you seem like the real deal, so best of luck.  But let’s not kid ourselves… whoever gets the gavel next, they’re still gonna have the chamber by the balls. 

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