Bob Plain is the editor/publisher of Rhode Island's Future. Previously, he's worked as a reporter for several different news organizations both in Rhode Island and across the country.

8 responses to “NY Times Links ALEC to Woonsocket Fiscal Crisis”

  1. Zack Mezera

    Excellent work Bob.

  2. Alias Smith

    In related news, Jon Brien links himself to Mitt Romney -

  3. Lots of pushback to Joe Nocera’s ALEC-in-Woonsocket column | Blogs

    [...] as Plain admitted Tuesday morning, his case for linking ALEC and Woonsocket is based solely on “enough [...]

  4. theshadow
    The receivership is the result of the draconian revenue cutting programs Brien advocates for. At the ALEC convention that his expenses were covered to fly him to, they surely covered that the reactionary policies of Grover Norquist’s Starving the beast (government services really) are the foundation for ALEC’s group think. The above chart show how US revenues vs % of GDP has declined as a result of Alec’s effectiveness. Woonsockets woes have been engineered by ALEC’s successful propaganda campaign. Brien’s bold-faced lie that there isn’t an ALEC philosophy shows just how far he will go to cover up the truth.

  5. Bill Monroe

    I bet Pops always told him to keep a low profile when “doin business and let the dumb one do all the talkin”.

  6. leftyrite

    Truly, all of this is a good argument for a leftwing Tea Party, unfinanced by the wealthy (wealthy excluded, in fact) and more in tune with the original ideas that gave us the first American revolt:

    “Taxation without representation is tyranny.”

    I get a kick out of that lady. Dress up like a highborn princess, and then feel empowered to deprive American people of their own heritage.

    She must know better. Who taught her?

  7. Sharon Knettell

    Love the photo!

    Excellent piece. Nocera is getting both praise and knocks from this piece. However little jonny’ paid trip by ALEC is telling.

    here is an article that was run in Motheer Jones about anothe ALEC takeover in Michigan-

    here is the ALEC tool kit little jonny picked up.

    Thanks again for that great piece- I will donate to this site as it is the best place to get RI news!

    PS I am from Woonsocket and the Call and the Projo won’t run the NYT article.

  8. Sharon Knettell
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