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12 responses to “Occupy Sexism Action Fights ‘Rape Culture’”

  1. RightToWork

    “Rape culture, says the Women’s Center at Marshall University, is when “sexual violence against women is normalized and excused in the media”

    I’d like some examples, please. 

    1. Brian Hull

      A few examples:

      In the game Second Life, players can buy rapes: 
      Rape Apologists being “misunderstood:”  
      Seinfeld thinks a little rape is OK:
      Because joking about rape is funny:
      Or we could pretend rape is a history lesson:
      Or we can trivialize Michael Jackson molesting children through body art:
      Or using rape as an act in on-stage comedy performances:
      Sexual innuendos about drugging and raping women:
      Pretending like people want to be raped:
      Turning prison rape into a board game:
      Etc., etc., etc.

      The normalizing, humorizing, and satirizing of rape = Rape culture
      1. RightToWork

        As I suspected, you had to get *really* obscure to find these examples because our culture already views sexual violence against women as extremely vile and deserving of contempt. What you’ve come up with is a collection of lone weirdos on the internet, stand-up comedians, and artists. The latter two categories earn their living by intentionally being offensive and pushing the envelope on any variety of topics.

        This women’s group purposely paints “rape culture” as some pervasive problem in the United States and says that it is “excused and normalized in the media,” implying that it’s happening regularly on CNN, FOX, MSNBC etc. and nobody cares about it. None of this is even remotely true. Nothing anyone would consider a respectable part of the media would “normalize” or “excuse” rape because there would be a huge backlash against it.

        This is just another exaggerated problem to manufacture outrage and advance political causes because an honest treatment of the subject wouldn’t necessitate a rally at city hall that gives the group leaders a soapbox to justify their own existence. Expect to hear the completely false “1 out of 4 women are raped” statistic or something very similar if you are in attendance at this event.

        1. turbo

          “The latter two categories earn their living by intentionally being offensive and pushing the envelope on any variety of topics.”

          You mean people pay to hear rape jokes? That sounds healthy!

          Or are you just trawling for more examples, in a healthy, disinterested way, of course? 

        2. Brian Hull

          Strange.  You wanted examples, I gave you examples.  Then you label them as obscure.  It’s as if a consciousness of devaluation and exploitation of women is so pervasive in society that obvious examples of rape culture (as defined by Women’s Center at Marshall University) escape you.  But I suppose that’s the point.

          But I’ll provide you with another example, that may be less “obscure.”  When playing Dungeons and Dragons online, I was in a party (playing my level 20 healer because I like to help people) with 5 other people who I only know through the game and a couple of them were talking through voice chat about the “ass raping” they got when every member of another party they were in died.  I brought to their attention the trivialization of rape when it is used to describe the totally irrelevant experience of having a fictional video character die in a quest only to be magically be resurrected instantaneously by clicking on “recall.”  None of them understood what I was talking about.

          Rape culture.

          1. RightToWork

            Well, not to get too graphic on the subject, but “*** raping” is something more associated with men than with women, and specifically men in prison. So I don’t think that says anything about a culture of violence against women.

            The point I was making about the stand-up comics, artists, and such was that those aren’t a “normalized” use of violence against women in our culture – those people specifically use it as a subject matter for their material because it is shocking and offensive, and that is precisely the type of controversy and attention they want.


  2. DogDiesel
    1. turbo

      Are you trying to imply something? Maybe you could speak plainly?

  3. DogDiesel

    It’s as plain as the chip on your shoulder turbo. Sorry, don’t have time or patience to be sucked into one of your endless nonsensical word games. Besides, I wouldn’t want to interrupt your stalking of RightToWork.

    1. turbo

      C’m'on, DD. I’m trying to give you your “monies worth” here!

      1. DogDiesel

        Thanks but no thanks. LOL

        1. turbo

          It’s so great that you have no idea what the joke is here!

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