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Richard DuPonte is a Rhode Islander currently serving a sentence at the Adult Correctional Institutions.

4 responses to “America’s foreign policy fuels the instability that creates refugees and immigration”

  1. Greg Gerritt

    Right on

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  2. Johnnie

    “As national Democratic leaders continue to blame Russian President Putin for their 2016 defeat, they’re leading their party into a realignment with the neocons and other war hawks.”

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  3. Johnnie

    ‘Progressive’ hypocrite of the month for February 2017: Former Clinton-era Secretary of State Madeleine Albright

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  4. cailin rua

    So much truth to this analysis with some very glaring omissions. for instance, you mention:

    “Under Ronald Reagan, who famously took a picture in the Oval Office with its leading members, the CIA supported the mujahedin—now called Al Qaeda.”

    What about Zbigniew Brzezinski’s involvement under the Carter administration?

    And, you don’t mention the Clinton machine’s involvement with NAFTA and its subsequent impact on Central America.

    You should have also mentioned how Negroponte, Kissinger, et al threw their support to the Democrat in the last election. Brzezinski and Kissinger both came out the CFR, didn’t they? I suppose any mention of that “fact” would qualify the story as “fake news”, though.

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