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3 responses to “You should oppose the line-item veto”

  1. donroach

    You do realize that those 44 states are not all controlled by conservatives, right?

    Also, Ken Block is not a “right-wing” guy by any stretch of the imagination so this conservative movement you’re talking about here in RI can’t be supported by citing Block as a proponent. Just doesn’t mesh with facts. Not everyone who does not identify as a Progressive, is a right-winger, my friend.


    Line item vetoes exist in 44 states not because they’re silly, tools of the right-wing conspiracy, or anything you’re trying to insinuate. Instead, they’re practical. It’s nice to be able to veto a section of a bill and not have to throw out the entire piece of legislation. It just makes common sense.

    But when I think Progressives and I think common sense, I picture perusing through the antonym section of the thesaurus.

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  2. donroach

    and how do i have a -1 rating when i just posted…does this site auto rate people? funny.

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