Lauren Niedel is currently District 40 State Committeewoman & on the Board of Our Revolution-RI

11 responses to “Paolino and Delorenzo don’t represent the future of the Democratic Party”

  1. Senator Josh Miller For DNC - Providence Daily Dose

    […] [Update: Last week Senator Miller withdrew his name from consideration and the R.I. Democratic Party has named Paolino to the position. District 40 State Committeewoman, Lauren Niedel, echoed my disappointment today in RI Future. […]

  2. Female lawmakers from across RI call for Delorenzo to resign post with Democrats

    […] Wrote Lauren Neidel about Delorenzo’s comments, “Most Democrats believe in women’s reproductive freedom, a single-payer healthcare system, $15.00 as a minimum (barely-livable) minimum wage, voting rights vs. voter ID, a clean environment (that does not include a 1 billion dollar fracked gas power plant), housing that is affordable, criminal justice reform, and eliminating corporate welfare. Maybe it’s the Party that needs to embrace these left wing Democratic socialist initiatives to really unite Democrats and like-minded independents, rather than rubber stamping the status quo.” […]

  3. cailin rua

    My question is what do natural monopolies, gambling casinos, and rescheduling cannabis into a classification of “recreational marijuana” to be regulated “like alcohol” by present and former drug warriors, and, non profits like the Substance Use and Mental Health Leadership Council, who the state legislature directly solicits funds for out of tax revenues, have in common? I think the answer is money and power with which to leverage political appointments to political organizations currently controlled by neoliberal billionaires who pretend to provide an alternative to neofascist billionaires. Harry Anslinger would be jealous.

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    1. cailin rua

      I think I meant “de jure” monopoly, not natural monopoly. And, as far as my awkward sentence where I mention the Substance Use and Mental Health Leadership Council, who the R I state government actively solicits funds for, they also proclaim that trying to save the lives of those who have o d’ed by administering Narcan is going to be too expensive to maintain. That has me . . . should I say confounded? . . . puzzled? . . . no, I’m not puzzled, just struck by the cruelty or this organization which has garnered so much support from so called Progressive Democrats. According to Carl Hart, writing in Scientific American:

      “”One simple solution is to offer free, anonymous drug-purity testing services. If a sample contains adulterants, users would be informed. These services already exist in places such as Belgium, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland, where the first goal is to keep users safe. Law-enforcement officers should also do such testing whenever they confiscate street drugs, and they should notify the community whenever potentially dangerous adulterants are found. In addition, the opioid overdose antidote naloxone should be made more affordable and readily available not just to first responders but also to opioid users and to their family and friends.””

      I won’t link to what Dr. Susan Storti had to say, as ” the newly-named President of the Substance Use and Mental Health Leadership Council”, in GoLocal Providence. It just seems to me R Iers are being encouraged to fund bad public policy by our “progressives”.

      As far as how the local DNC drama is playing out, it’s interesting what’s been written about Tom Perez’s moves the past couple of days and speculation as to what Keith Ellison will do. I know Glen Ford, Bruce Dixon’s associate at Ford’s Black Agenda Report was not too fond of Ellison, never mind Perez. Trump provides a welcome distraction, however, so that these days, even George W. Bush and Gina Raimondo are considered progressive. Yeah, sure.

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      1. cailin rua

        3 44-30-2.11. Refund deduction for contribution to the substance use and mental
        4 health leadership council of RI.

        That is the bill I mention in the comment above.

        Dr. Susan Storti:

        “”So eventually my fear is we will come to a place where Narcan, regardless of the amount administered by first responders, won’t be able to able to pull someone out of an overdose and we’ll see more and more individuals in IC units in hospitals, which will cost an enormous amount of money,” said Storti.”


        “. . . President Donald Trump said that the opioid epidemic is a national emergency . . .”

        Dr. Carl Hart:

        “I am concerned that declaring the opioid crisis a national emergency will serve primarily to increase law-enforcement budgets, precipitating an escalation of this same sort of routine racial discrimination.

        Whose approach Prog Dems? Storti’s? or, Hart’s? And, who is a true proponent of progress?

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  4. leftyrite

    you know what?

    It’s a beautiful sec October afternoon.

    New England.

    Rhode Island.



    North Providence.



    East Providence, Rhode Island, USA, Greenland, the universe by way of all-weather carpeting at the Warwick Mall.

    Rhode Island.

    Henry and William James.

    Rhode Island… Nathaniel Greene (Old Greenie.)

    Rhode Island. Ted Turner and the Courageous.

    Rhode Islan’ Arnie loves you mucho, mucho.

    Normand: Arnie, what are you trying to accomplish here?

    Arnie: Fun, Normand, fun.

    What a gentleman you were.

    How blessed I am to have known you.

    East Side,


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  5. leftyrite

    Joe is a good manager.

    He likes to graze.

    In fact, he’s a prime candidate for:

    leftyrite’s Gerry and the Pacemakers confab. (trademarked; called it.)

    There’s nothing wrong with this guy’s sense of self

    that a head lolling cha-cha to Ferry ‘Cross the Mersey

    won’t solve.

    Hah? Haha!!! Am I right, Joe? Am I right??

    (place bruschetta in this space.)

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  6. leftyrite

    Gilda Radner.

    “so funny I forgot to laugh.”

    paris, 1928.

    no, chestnut street. Leo’s.

    Place was cool, Jack.

    “holiday tables, under the trees.”

    no, ella, but i was there with you.

    you and i were having a drink.

    i was telling you about Little Ray

    and how he had a big nose and how

    he was the only one who could climb the clock tower.

    And you were telling me

    about yourself.

    And the, up came that picture, in my pixelated framework,

    of the Boathouse.

    Yes. People, years ago, used their local waterways for recreation.

    “Reclaim the Ten Mile!” he declaimed.

    His other hemisphere decided to embark upon


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