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  • Pawtucket city councilors oppose environmental injustice of proposed asphalt plant

Meghan Kallman is a Pawtucket City Councilor representing Ward 5.
Tim Rudd is a Pawtucket City Councilor representing Ward 6.

7 responses to “Pawtucket city councilors oppose environmental injustice of proposed asphalt plant”

  1. leftyrite

    Here’s the thing:

    Sharpies will do what they can get away with.


    But, maybe there’s joy in fighting them.

    Picnics at Slater.

    Meeting people, of whose lives you had not previously been aware.

    Some mad silkscreens.

    Mark Taber.

    Chinese food and a couple laughs.

    In that case, do it.

    Defeat the Sharpies!!

    And also, make a big enlargement of

    that photo of Bernie in the Ben&Jerry’s cup.

    Laminate it.

    Carry it forward proudly–

    to the strains of an Anglican hymn!!

    (Quick! Before the earnestness is gone!!)

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  2. PinkHatLib

    One can’t help but wonder why Providence allows one of these to continue operating next two two hospitals. Wish we had some city councilors like Pawtucket!,-71.399632,14z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0xdf2a00d49a3663b7!8m2!3d41.808045!4d-71.403833?hl=en

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  3. Greg Gerritt

    I do not love asphalt plants, they should all be closed along with eliminating all cars, but to answer PinkHat Lib’s question. The asphalt plant in Providence is parrt of the industrial waterfront. The industrial waterfront has to be on the waterfront, maybe the hospital is in the wrong place.

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    1. PinkHatLib

      That plant is across the street from the waterfront and is nonmaritme. On the other hand, it really puts the “industrial” in “industrial waterfront.”

      Providence should change the zoning on that section of Allens, north of Thurbers so the zoning excuse is no longer holds water (read, South Providence has a history of environmental racism so they deserve exactly what they get). On the other hand, maybe a few more junkyards!

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  4. leftyrite

    We’re really in some sort of ant colony,

    but much worse organized.

    I write a nutty poem, and

    what do the other ants do?

    Walk around the wreckage, of course.

    Nice day. Caramel latte??

    But, today, there is no cant

    in this ant.

    (Scratch that.)

    No can’t in this ant.

    We’re gonna move that rubber tree plant.

    “Cause we have….

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  5. PinkHatLib

    Couldn’t agree more. Anyone care about those low income and People of Color in Providence?
    Pawtucket residents, City Councilors and other environmental activists (FANG, BASE, NO LNG PVD, etc.) are opposed to the building of this toxic spewing asphalt plant which is also being placed in a low income area thus unfairly impacting People of Color.

    Not only do these types of plants not belong in areas inhabited by people at all, but especially in urban areas where pollution is ALREADY high.

    We need to LESSEN health impacts of carcinogenic agents on people and their children not INCREASE THEM.

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  6. PinkHatLib

    Yes, whatever could that smell be?! Anyone regularly driving by the asphalt plant on Allens Avenue knows exactly where that pollution originates.,2678
    Recently, when residents detected a pungent petroleum odor that was hanging in the air like smog over their Foxpoint neighborhood, repeatedly, for many days during the summer months, causing a burning sensation in their eyes and throats, they contacted state authorities to urge them to investigate.

    First, they called the R.I. Department of Health; in turn, the health agency referred them to the R.I. Department of Environmental Management.

    In a conversation with DEM, when one of the residents asked the agency to investigate the pungent petroleum odor, the DEM representative asked if the resident could pinpoint the potential source.

    The resident told DEM that they were unsure of the source, explaining that it appeared to be emanating from the industrial area in the vicinity of the IWay Bridge, which connects Route 95 and 195.

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