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3 responses to “People’s History: Roger Williams Arrives in Boston”

  1. iheartrhody

    Love the historical reference! But wasn’t Providence named for “God conceived as the power sustaining and guiding human destiny”? Also, I’m pretty sure Williams was forced out of Boston. 

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  2. ml87

    Providence is derived from the Latin word meaning Providentia.  Providentia means divine foresight.  Trying to knock the spirituality out of it is a bit of a stretch.  I don’t think Roger Williams was trying to follow Cicero on that one.

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  3. cailin rua

    “More than 300 years ago this fiery Christian preacher believed that the wall of separation between Church and State was essential for all other liberties.”

    Seems like that comes straight from the horse’s mouth . . .

    I believe Roger Williams had a very fat soul, as Gurdjieff might say but I think “wall of separation” implies secular government.  How could there be a “wall of separation” otherwise?  There’s a difference between being spiritual and shoving your particular spirituality down other people’s throats.  Didn’t he give up on trying to “convert” the people who were living here before he and the other Europeans arrived?

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