Planned Parenthood Endorses Candidates

Planned Parenthood Votes! RI PAC is pleased to announce its 2012 state legislative PAC endorsements. PPV!RI PAC supports its candidates by educating voters through phone calls and social media to ensure Rhode Islanders know what is at stake for women and women’s health ahead of the September 11th primary and the November 6th general election.

Also, PPV!RI PAC will participate in the “Women are Watching…and Voting” National Day of Action on Saturday, September 8, 2012. This special event comes on the heels of the Planned Parenthood Action Fund’s two-week “Women Are Watching…and Voting” battleground bus tour, which made stops in 11 states and traveled more than 5,000 miles. For more information on the Women are Watching Campaign, visit

This year, women will decide the outcome of elections across the country, and are watching very closely to ensure that they elect candidates — up and down the ballot — who will protect women’s health care.

If you are interested in volunteering this weekend or anytime with Planned Parenthood Votes! RI PAC, please contact us at or call (401) 421-7820 x3145.

PPV!RI PAC is a State of Rhode Island Political Action Committee (PAC) formed to elect public officials who will protect the fundamental right of all individuals to manage their own fertility and sexual health. It is associated with PP! Votes Rhode Island, the political and advocacy arm of Planned Parenthood of Southern New England.

RI State House
Marvin Abney – HD 73
Edie Ajello – HD 1
Joseph Almeida – HD 12
David Bennett – HD 20
Chris Blazejewski – HD 2
Michael Connolly – HD 48
Robert Craven – HD 32
Grace Diaz – HD 11
Frank Ferri – HD 22
Linda Finn – HD 72
Gordon Fox – HD
Scott Guthrie – HD 28
John Hanley – HD 68
Joy Hearn – HD 66
Art Handy – HD 18
Libby Kimzey – HD 8
Donald Lally – HD 33
Deb Ruggiero – HD 74
Teresa Tanzi – HD 34
Charlie Tsonos – HD 63
Augustus “Gus” Uht – HD 52
Larry Valencia – HD 39
Donna Walsh – HD 36

RI State Senate
Cathy Cool-Rumsey – SD 34
Gene Dyszlewski – SD  26
David Gorman – SD 33
Maura Kelly – SD 5
Josh Miller – SD 28
Donna Nesselbush – SD 15
Laura Pisaturo – SD 29
Lewis Pryeor – SD 24
Adam Satchell – SD 9


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2 responses to “Planned Parenthood Endorses Candidates”

  1. cailin rua

    I can’t believe there have been no questions raised about some of these endorsements.

    “50CAN Action Fund said it spent $44,902 on Aug. 30 supporting four candidates in next week’s primary: DaPonte, Jon Brien, ***Maura Kelly*** and Mia Ackerman. The group’s Rhode Island chapter endorsed all of them except DaPonte.” 

    “Another famous name – New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg – donated $160,500 on Aug. 11 to 50CANAction Fund Inc., whose Rhode Island chapter supports changes to education policy, according to a R.I. Board of Elections filing. The group also got $50,000 from Jonathan Sackler, whose father co-founded Purdue Pharma, and $2,500 from ***local tech entrepreneur Angus Davis***.”

    No one has made mention of this or the fact that Planned Parenthood of R I does not endorse anyone in Senate District 3.  Considering what’s going on in North Kingston and the inroads Sodexo has made in taking over food services in schools, it is encouraging to know that Gayle Goldin has the support of the SEIU but her tepid remarks about charter schools in her campaign literature has me wondering where she will stand on other issues.  It almost seems PPV!RI tacitly endorses the 50-CAN candidate.  

    I think this example of single issue advocacy is disturbing.  We know that Charles Koch supports marriage equality and stem cell research.  Would that be enough for Planned Parenthood to support candidates aligned with the kinds of other policies he advocates one wonders?

    This is where we have arrived in 2012:

    “DFER is a political action committee made up of hedge fund managers seeking investment opportunities in education. The group supports privatization, vouchers, merit pay, teacher evaluations based on student test scores, and doing away with teacher tenure. It flaunts its hostility toward teacher unions.
    The film, starring Maggie Gyllenhall and Viola Davis, shows a mother and a teacher battling an evil teachers union to convert their struggling public school into a charter through a “parent trigger” law.”

    I go to the polls every election, both the primaries and the general election.  I hardly vote for any of the candidates.  Often, however, I vote against someone.  Outside of Cicilline, who I really don’t care for, I don’t know who else I’ll be voting for on Tuesday.

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  2. Craig OConnor

    NEA endorses McCaffrey. Planned Parenthood endorses Maura Kelly. No wonder progressives keep losing at the State House.

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