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15 responses to “Population Decline and Progressive Witchcraft”

  1. DogDiesel

    “I’m hopeful that analysis by economists like Florida will help to convince RI Republicans to abandon their flawed metrics of the past and to begin seriously considering ideas that will make Rhode Island competitive in the future.”

    This was your attempt at humor right? Seeing as how Democrats have controlled this state for decades, how would Republicans abandoning any metrics have any effect on Rhode Island’s economy or it’s competitiveness. I’m not sure why you even use the word competitiveness. According to many on RIF, there’s no need to be in competition with other states in our region except when it comes to same sex marriage. Of course that may change when Massachusetts drops their sales tax to 4.5 percent. As for the actual decline, isn’t the problem exacerbated by the median income migrating out at about $22K when only $11K is migrating in?

    1. Tom Sgouros

      “isn’t the problem exacerbated by the median income migrating out at about $22K when only $11K is migrating in?”

      There is no data available about the movement of income.  There is IRS data available about the movement of people, which is widely misinterpreted to be about the movement of income.  People who want to use this data should acquaint themselves with the details before misinforming others:—Migration-Data-Users-Guide

      1. DogDiesel

        Sorry but your link is dead. That information came from the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey and not the IRS.

        1. Tom Sgouros

          Sorry, blog software reformatted the hyphens.  Here’s the right link, immune from formatting software that thinks it knows better:

          Like the IRS data, the ACS data is also about the movement of people not the movement of money.  Interpreting it the way you seem to want people to do is incorrect.  There are not many people who take their income with them when they move, though there are some.

          Again, there is no data to support your claim about the movement of money.  If someone leaves a poor job here and gets a better job in Georgia, that is a shame and something that public policy should address, but it is not money lost to Rhode Island.

          1. PinkHatLib

            btw, you can embed the links. The dialog box just needs to be resized to make the “Insert” button visible…
            “SOI Tax Stats – Migration Data Users Guide”

  2. Pat Crowley

    DogDiesel wrote:
     Everyone knows the ‘Flight of the Earls’ was debunked long ago”

    Why, thank you very much ,Dog.

    1. DogDiesel

      So that makes it all hunky dory right Pat. RI is last in business friendliness, second highest (if not 1st) in unemployment, and the worst place to retire. The best response you and Russ can muster is, “but the ‘Flight of the Earls’ is fantasy.” Your only answer for the state’s problem is raising taxes and same sex marriage.

  3. leftyrite


    Are you letting the Dog out? 

    And, if you aren’t…

    Who let the Dog out?

    (Woof, woof?) 

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