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4 responses to “A Providence nursing home horror story”

  1. Barry Schiller

    Nancy, truly an awesome post! It should be read more widely, the topic will sooner or later affect most of us, and we are not well prepared for the growing elderly population who will need help. That the Trump regime wants to make it worse to help generate yet another tax break for the barons is monstrous.
    I appreciate that you show sympathy for caregivers who may have to face that they can no longer manage the needs of their loved ones who may have to be placed in a facility.
    I will add that I almost always admired the staff in the nursing homes and assisted living facilities that I visited for the Board of Elections helping people vote, who despite the reported low pay they invariably showed patience, sympathy, and competence in interacting with the residents. These people deserve appreciation.

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  2. jodi

    Nancy- a most sincere thank you for sharing your articulate accounting of how things were- and unfortunately, how somethings remain. Your heart and patience never cease to amaze me. With gratitude

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  3. dubnotdubya

    “What we need is a solidarity economy.” I don’t know if you coined that phrase or if you picked it up from elsewhere, but I just wanted to say that it’s a perfect description of what we need. Thanks for this and for the rest of your excellent post, and for all your good work in the world.

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  4. leftyrite

    My sister worked at Wayland

    and at a bunch of other, similar joints.

    Some of these places are well-run;

    many feel as if they are managed by people

    whose true vocation is

    efficiency for themselves.

    It’s a labor question.

    They need guidance and organization.

    Are they going to get that

    from our local body shop aristocrats?

    from the Party? …of Brezhnev?

    You clean up shit.

    Then, we’ll figure out whether we approve of you.

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