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3 responses to “PSU, ACLU petition RIDE: ‘Don’t test me, bro’”

  1. leftyrite

    Nicely articulated. Good politics against an increasingly obvious top-down corporate (yes, of course, corporate) policy.
    People are fed up, but here, we see clearly that the Providence Student Union and others are keeping their heads and driving the discussion.

  2. Barry

    If the headline is accurate, and all testing is opposed, then it is spitting into the wind, as there are so many legitimate pressures for assessment (workforce preparation, motivation, rewards for those that demonstrate they do learn, escessive remediation in colleges..) that can be measured reasonably objectively.  Of course most people don’t like to be tested, not just those who think they wil score below average, but most of the others too.  And though I’ve been convnced the NECAP is inappropriate, a real discussion is needed about what kind of reasonably objective testing is needed, and what role it plays in overall assessment of individual students. 

    1. PinkHatLib

      Testing as motivation? That’s a new one. You do stike on the one valid use of testing… assessment of individual student needs. Advocates of real educational reform aren’t against testing. We’re against the misuse of testing. Some of the best private schools in the state use testing exactly in that fashion and not for ranking of students or faux evaluations of teacher performance.
      As for “rewards,” many of us want to promote the intrinisic rewards of the joy of learning. Testing actually harms that.

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