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6 responses to “Raimondo, Reed not afraid of Goldman Sach’s toxic reputation with the left”

  1. leftyrite

    In Grandpa’s old Lefty days,
    he and his overreading friends
    would talk about “struggling” with people
    over their world outlooks and philosophical and political
    long views of things.

    Not so bad a concept.
    Gina is in the thrall of Wall Street, clearly.
    The landscape has also changed at large.

    Present circumstances have made Gina progressive.
    She needs to be struggled with.
    Her outlook may not be carved in granite.

    At any rate, she is a force to be reckoned with,
    by princes, by pirates,
    and by the wishes of her fellow Rhode Islanders
    and Americans of all loving family kinds.

    For now, let’s see what she can do.

    And let’s not allow those Wall Street acolytes
    to sell the Superman Building for a dime
    or trade our history and its legacy
    for a beach house.

    Over a nice drink; over dinner, struggle.

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  2. dubnotdubya

    Sachs normally ends with an “s” so the possessive should be Sachs’ or Sachs’s but not Sach’s. Sorry to be “that person,” but I do it with ProJo mistakes, too.

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  3. leftyrite

    He couldn’t tell you for sure
    when it started,

    this desire
    for an East Coast Revival

    that sounded just like
    Stevie Ray Vaughn
    Albert King
    jamming on
    “Born Under A Bad Sign.”

    He couldn’t tell you when it began,
    but he had, indeed, benefited from

    Carl Reiner, pretending that, no,
    he had never heard
    that “Dancing In The Dark,”
    was a tune that had once
    been sung,
    in a lively way,
    in the Catskills.

    He did not know
    exactly how he had benefited
    from all of this, but,
    he had.

    To the United States of America.

    Its culture is grand.

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  4. salgal

    I wonder if it has occurred, on any level, to all the folks singing Goldman Sachs’ praises, to question their agenda? Nothing is free. Remember Big Tobacco falling all over themselves to fund educational and arts organizations so they would shut the hell up about escalating public health risks directly related to smoking?

    Goldman Sachs’ is a friend of Gina’s and a friend of Invenergy, the fossil fuel cartel pushing for the Clear River Energy Center, otherwise known as a fracked gas and diesel burning power plant, to be situated in the forests of Burrillville.

    Is silence really golden? People who benefit from Golman Sachs’ largesse, will not necessarily be adversely affected personally but this 10,000 thing, but they will become champions of GS in one way or another. That’s a price we will all pay.

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    1. PinkHatLib

      Uuungh, baaaaaad!

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  5. leftyrite

    And, whether we willed them away
    or not,
    the hard times came.

    I’d rather weather the crises
    with a few years of good living.

    That doesn’t mean for one moment
    that Providence
    will be that providence.

    But, it would be nice
    if it could happen.

    The Japanese Garden,
    Roger Williams Park,
    Providence, Rhode Island,
    the United States of America,
    the planet Earth.

    Hey, let’s look at a picture of the Earth.

    What does it tell us?

    Looks beautiful; that we know.

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